The Chinese Doctors on Human Trials for Treatment of Coronavirus

According to records, doctors have been discovered that the deadly coronavirus does not have any vaccines for particular treatments. Doctors of China has started a unique clinical trial for speedily testing a particular drug for this deadly infection because the nation is looking forward to getting the best therapies for those who are already affected and trying to protect the others with vaccines. According to, the deaths in China are not slowing down, and if the ideal medication is discovered, a halt can be brought.

Remdesivir- the new drug

However, one of the newest antiviral drugs, Remdesivir, by Gilead Sciences Inc. aims to treat infectious diseases like SARS and Ebola, and the same drug is going to be tested by a certain doctor’s team to understand whether it can be effective towards treating coronavirus.

The trial for this new drug is going to be conducted within the central Chinese city, Wuhan, which is the place responsible for killing more than almost 360 people and sickening 1700 others, while also spreading coronavirus to other Nations. Almost 270 patients who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate pneumonia as a result of the coronavirus are going to be recruited in the randomized, placebo-controlled study and double-blinded study and this was reported by The Paper, one of the prominent Chinese news outlets.

Development of new therapies and vaccines

Drugmakers like GlaxoSmithKline Plc along with the Chinese authorities are racing so that they can develop therapies and necessary vaccines for combating the virus, which is more contagious in comparison to SARS. Furthermore, this can cause a lot of pressure on the global economy in comparison to the SARS outbreak. The decision of holding human trials for the drug depicts that it is one of the most prominent therapies against the coronavirus, which has no effective vaccines and treatments so far.

This experimental drug has not been approved to be used by the drug regulators of the globe; however, it is constantly being used on several patients, who are battling for their lives due to this virus; particularly because other treatments are not available.

Another drug in the test: Kaletra

The health regulator of China has also suggested the AbbVie Inc’s medicines for HIV, Kaletra, Ram Duriseti as one of the important antiviral drugs for treating the deadly virus. As per the report published by The Paper, this drug will also go through several human trials.

Apart from this, a constant global search is going on to detect which therapies are going to work to stop the spread of this virus. Johnson & Johnson has also initiated their work on several preventive measures for the coronavirus and has more than a dozen scientists working together. GlaxoSmithKline has stated that they are going to start the work of boosting the process of a vaccine creation and then start providing doses as fast as possible.

According to the health officials, any version of the vaccine takes up to 3 months for being available within the first few stages of testing on humans. The patient affected in the US was seen improving after Remdesivir was suggested to him.

With proper research and trials, it can finally be stated that there will be treatments to get past the deadly coronavirus. With that hope and crossed fingers, the entire world is hoping that the discoveries will start working so that their loved ones get better and the unaffected ones remain protected.