The Deep Freeze: Subzero Temperatures Causing School to Remain Closed for Days

The snow on the East Coast on Wednesday morning was responsible for causing disruptions, not allowing people to commute from one place to another. It was also responsible for causing school delays as well as closures as the subzero temperatures. It were responsible for striking both the Northern Plains and the Midwest. The whiplash of this sudden winter weather was responsible for coming on the heels of temperature, which rose to almost 60 degrees on Tuesday. The Washington DC was responsible for receiving the very first snow of this winter and also there were few schools, which operated after a delay of around two hours.

So, according to a few sources at National Weather Service, it was expected that the snow would taper off over the North East by the evening of Wednesday and start resuming over New England by Thursday.

Lots of snow

The cold air along with rain hit most of the East on the morning of Tuesday and started turning into snow in several parts of the south as well as northeast, as stated by the forecasters. The weather advisories of winter are in effect for more than 20 million, including the city of New York, where quite a few inches of snow was forecasted on Wednesday.

Residents were responsible for not digging out their cars on Wednesday as snow and sleet can make slick spots. So it could be responsible for making the driving conditions extremely dangerous. The official of the National Weather Service in New York stated that it is important to use caution and drive slowly when driving after the snowfall.

Upper Midwest

The upper Midwest already started experiencing freezing temperatures since Wednesday morning. Similarly, the wind chill started dropping to almost 30 degrees in several parts of North Dakota, Northern Wisconsin, Northern Minnesota, and Michigan, as stated by the Northern Weather Service. The wind chill advisory was also issued for several parts, which include, Fargo, North Dakota, because the forecasters expected the wind chills to go beyond 40 degrees below zero. The advisory lasted until the midday of Wednesday.

The weather service also stated that the chilly weather could be responsible for causing frostbite if the skin was exposed for more than ten minutes. Wind chills can be deadly as they can be responsible for frostbite, hypothermia, and eventually, death. Frostbite is normally caused when the underlying tissues and the skin freezes. It happens commonly on the nose, toes, fingers, cheeks, ears, and chin, as stated by the Mayo Clinic.

West Coast

The Pacific Northwest will also experience snow in the mountains along with rain. The Pacific storm system will be pushing through this region by Friday, thereby causing rain in Seattle, California, Eureka, etc., as stated by Michael Guy, who is a meteorologist at CNN. Eureka can observe almost two to four inches of accumulation of rainfall. The Cascade Range will also receive snow, as stated by Guy.

The Northern Plains is also going to see almost six inches of snow and the Upper Great Lakes will see around 10 inches of snow, as stated by the National Weather Service.