The Great Super Bowl Fashion: The Standout Looks

You might have been busy last night and missed the Super Bowl LIV; however, there is no denying the fact that you already know about all the celebrities who had turned up for the respective television commercials. You might also know about the song sung by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira during the halftime show, which was sponsored by Pepsi. However, you might not know about the sparkly outfits that the celebrities wore when they were performing or in the bowl, and you must know about them.

Shakira’s Dundas Costume

The opening look of Shakira was a lipstick red traditional Dundas, which included a fire red crop top along with a fringed skirt and removable corset. Both of these were covered with Swarovski crystals. Almost 123,000 crystals of three unique red shades were used and all were applied by hand. The look was beautifully accessorized by a crystal-embellished leather cuff along with knee-high boots by designer Dan Life, who has already showcased his amazing and high profile work on the gorgeous actress Julia Butlers. The creation wore by Julia was a mesmerizing collaboration with the designer Gelareh Mizrahi.

Later on, Shakira changed to another breathtaking Dundas ensemble. That ensemble consisted of a pretty jacket, which was completely covered in beautiful embroidery of gold paillette along with white and gold Swarovski crystals, which was worn over a crop top, which was paired with high-waisted cute hot pants and a crop top, also gold paillettes. The second look was complimented primarily because of the beautiful pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers that she wore.

Jennifer Lopez’s Versace Outfit

Not to mention, Jennifer Lopez also pulled through a couple of gorgeous looks during the halftime, and according to resources, all of them were custom, Versace. The first appearance was in a gold and Swarovski crystal-studded black leather bodysuit, inspired by the bikers, which was further paired with a pretty pink ball gown skirt of satin. Later on, the latter was ripped dramatically to reveal the leather chaps. The dancers of Jennifer Lopez also wore beautiful leather jackets and pleated miniskirts.

Apart from the first dramatic rip-off, Jennifer zipped off her biker leather once again amidst the performance itself. She then revealed a gorgeous costume, body-hugging, covered in beautiful mirrored panels and pretty little crystals.

Finally, for the show, Jennifer Lopez stepped into a crystal fringed and metal mesh costume, with great detailing of bondage-harness, and also throwing a great wrap around the shoulders. The outer side of this Cape depicted the flag of the United States, and the inside resembled the flag of Puerto Rico. In this costume also, both the sides had been embellished with bright little crystals from Swarovski.

Therefore, it can be concluded that whether you watched the Super Bowl LIV or not, you know about the costumes that the two celebrities, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira wore during the Pepsi sponsored show. In any case, if you have missed that as well, the costumes of the two ladies along with the exact details have been mentioned above.