The Incredible Financial Benefits of Using Storage Units While On the Road Overseas

Storage Units

Suppose you have been moved, essentially relocated, by your company to take up a senior managerial position overseas. How can you make this move, bearing in mind that you want to save some precious dollars in the process?

Well here is how you can do that and the service is now readily available in a location near you. Firstly, though, let us define the following key terms, that are essential if you want to reap maximum benefits from this innovative and unique service.

Relocation Allowance and Moving Expenses

These terms are; Relocation allowance and moving expenses. These two terms refer to monies that you are eligible to receive as an employee on recommendation of the HR department, when you make that move overseas.

The relocation allowance is provided to eligible individuals, who are recruited for a certain tier of jobs, usually in the senior management and professional leagues. The purpose of this allowance is to help in offsetting the higher living costs, associated with a move abroad. It is paid out monthly, over a period that usually spans 4 years.

The moving expenses reimbursement on the other hand is aimed at compensating for all the reasonable costs incurred in the moving of household goods and other personal effects to a new residence, in your case, abroad. They include the cost of travel for you and eligible members of your household.

Relocation Funds from HR

The point is, that if you are eligible for these funds from HR, they can tally up to quite a tidy sum. Now this is where the service offered by closetbox comes in. This firm will help you save a big part of these funds, thanks to the unique service that they are offering.

So what exactly is their service offering? They offer full-service storage for all your valuables. They will pick up your stuff for free, organize it neatly and bar code each of your valuables. They offer an online dashboard which you will use to track the status of all your items from anywhere in the world.

  • The Perks
  • You have on-demand return. This simply means that you can request any or all items to be returned to your house or to any of myriad of locations, via their intuitive online dashboard.
  • You are effectively freed from the entire process typical of any move; loading and hauling.
  • This service provision offers self-storage at a flat monthly fee, which is a function of the items you are putting in storage and the space that you require to accomplish this goal.
  • There are zero administrative fees involved in this arrangement. This is an appealing option for you who is planning to travel overseas for work.

Save Money on the Move.

The primary idea here is that you get to combine the financial rewards due to you through the moving expenses and relocation allowances and you use these funds on such a self-storage unit. The end result is that you get to save lots of money in the process, money that can be put to other pressing issues.