The process of choosing a bail bond provider – Get out of jail quickly

In the case when a person is arrested and sent to jail then before the court proceeding is initiated the person can be temporarily released on bail. If a judge has declared the bail amount, then that amount can be either paid by the accused person or by a person known to the accused and who is willing to pay the bail for the accused.

Acquiring external help for paying bail

When full payment of bail is not possible, then there is a way to hire a bail bond service provider. Such service providers give a bond on behalf of the person and will pay the full bail amount on behalf of the accused person. Hence if there is a financial problem or the bail is a huge sum, then such services are well suited for getting out of jail by paying a much smaller sum. The initial sum which has to be given is the premium which is to be paid to the bondsman. Usually, the premium is 10% of the total bond amount. While selecting a bail bond provider, a few factors should be taken into account. These factors are given below:

  • The reputation of the company

The service provider should have a good reputation because acquiring flimsy bond service providers won’t benefit the accused in any manner whatsoever. The services of Columbus Castle bail bond can be obtained for getting a bond that will allow the release of the accused from jail.

  • The fees charged by the company

The fees of bail bond service providers can vary slightly depending upon the state laws and bail amount, but usually, a fair percentage is maintained by all service providers. If a service provider charges an unreasonable percentage or there are hidden fees then it unsuitable to choose such a service provider.

  • The payment procedure

The payment procedure present for the defendant has to be flexible. If the person is not given adequate time to give the money, then it will become challenging for the defendant as bail bonds are usually acquired when the accused is financially unable to pay the bail amount fully. Therefore the payment procedure present for clients should be known so that problems do not crop up at a later stage.

  • The usage of collateral

For low bail, amount collateral is not asked for making the bail bond, but in case of very high amounts, collateral has to be present. The client should know the types of items which are taken as collateral by the company and how the collateral is used in the bond. The collateral is returned after the payment is completed as per the conditions. However, the collateral will be liquidated if the client does not make the payment.

Hence while choosing the services of a bond providing company care should be taken to ensure that the company is licensed as per legal norms so that suitable aid can be acquired from the service provider.