The psychological effect of COVID-19 on sexual health as explained

Coronavirus has emerged as the most significant challenge for humanity in recent times. Quarantine and also social distancing have become public health strategies for curtailing the spread of the disease. However, they may contribute to mental and also psychological problems.

Studies reveal that reduced interpersonal communication is integrally related to anxiety and depression and also worsens pre-existing conditions. Fear, loneliness, depression, despair, and also insomnia get increasingly reported among the suspected cases of Coronavirus. 

The interrelation between COVID-19 and mental health as deciphered

Depression and anxiety are visible in men who have sexual disorders like premature ejaculation and also erectile dysfunction. Anxious men are more inclined to undergo a feeling of performance anxiety. Depressed men tend to report a lack of libido. In their female counterparts, stress commonly interferes with arousal and also the ability to attain orgasm, while depression is linked to hypoactive sexual desire ailment.

Chronic dyspareunia is more common in women who have anxiety or depression. Expert elaborates the negative effect of COVID-19 on sexual healthAll other pandemics which occurred earlier showed social isolation connected with reduced sexual contact.

Pornography consumption has boosted concomitantly with the spread of the pandemic. Various online websites providing these kinds of videos experienced an increase in access. An excessive level of masturbation may interfere with the sexual life of a couple. It may lead to feelings of isolation and also thereby break up.

The presence of the virus in the upper airway fluids increases the risk of transmission during sex. Studies have produced a set of recommendations about the safety of sexual activity during coronavirus. It reveals that individuals with respiratory tract symptoms must abstain from sexual activity primarily. They should opt for masturbation as long as hygiene standards stay maintained.

Alternate to sex

Alternatives to sexual activity include exchanging videos, pictures, or messages, which has emerged as a safe option. It also helps to give a boost to the couple’s sexual fantasies. Psychotherapy involves various methods specially designed under the surveillance of trained counselors for addressing sexual trauma. It is an experience that results in fear, anxiety, or guilt that impacts sexual function; therapies address these past feelings and also help the individual come out of them.

There is a variety of sexual dysfunction treatments available in the medical field. Medication is another cause of this ordeal; hence a change in medicine can be helpful. Individuals suffering from hormone deficiencies can benefit from hormone pills, shots, and also creams.

Apart from these, penile implants and also vacuum devices can help males with erectile dysfunction. Sex therapies may also help couples undergoing sexual problems, which cannot get addressed otherwise. There are also behavioral treatments that aim at improving the self-esteem and also the confidence of the individual. It gives them renewed confidence regarding sexual life. 

Thereby, COVID-19 is directly or indirectly affecting the sexual life of many couples. The increasing rate of depression and also anxiety may steer to psychogenic sexual dysfunction. The protective measures for guaranteeing safe sex may also lead to situational difficulties for those undergoing sexual dysfunction. Proper counseling is indispensable during these trying times to help couples lead an everyday sexual life.