The Secrets to Getting the Right Customers without begging them

which relies heavily on the sponsors. There are so many ways that you can get customers in today’s world. Keeping begging them is also a little bit easier; technology has made it possible for you to reach out to them with impeccable ease. There is something that few people in business fail to understand about customers. It is not all the prospective customers who tell you, ‘let me think about it’ who will be interested in your business. One of the rules of being successful is learning to note time wasters.

Fetching the right customers

When the economy is just so hard to handle, it can be a bit tempting to try convincing people to trust you. You will be there creating advertisements and also articles online that try to differentiate your company from the rest in your industry. It is good that you have a business that is different from the competition. There is no problem with that. However there is a problem with always having the need to convince people about something. Somehow this means that you are operating out of a fear-based energy.

If you are just starting out in business, then you should take this as a tip for getting the customers. Let’s use an analogy here. In speed reading seminars, people are taught to reduce subvocalization- the habit of trying to pronounce the words in your thoughts as you read. This slows your reading speed because you will stop and try to hear how a word sounds if it was said out loud. In the same way, you will be slowing your business down when you spend time on customers who need convincing.

Even if you get customers because you have done a lot of convincing. You will always be stuck with customers who are begging very unlikely to become loyal fans. They are usually the skeptical kind of customers. They will always try to get you to show that you are worth their time and money. In their stead you should be working with customers who feel that the way you are doing your business resonates with them.

How to stop convincing customers

It might sound silly that this article is actually begging teaching against what many people strive to learn. While many business owners are learning how to convince their customers you want to know how to stop it? Well, it will do you great to stop. Once you start it can be hard to stop. Old habits die hard; they say.

1. Stop comparing your company with another

When a customer comes into your business and asks to see how your product’s quality is different from that of another then you should take that as a red flag. This is not someone who trusts what you can deliver and such are the characters that you should avoid. Some of them are spies who are sent to your business by the competition to find out what you are doing differently. It is a bit classless of your competitors if they do that but then it does happen a lot.

The same is the case when you create begging charts and graphs online to compare your product with others. The sales pages need to be focused more on the benefits of the product and not grant your competition free airtime. The best way to win in this game of comparisons is to focus on your business and not play that game at all.

2. Quit giving samples

Samples are great. They are a nice way to lure people to your business but then when you overdo it, you will be losing most. Clients who are constantly expecting freebies are just freeloaders. These people will leave your company when the free samples and also whatever else you are offering for free stops being supplied. On the bright side, when they do leave you will have more energy and also time to dedicate to the work of securing clients who do not expect constant free things.

The only time it is right to give freebies is begging when you are starting out or when you are introducing a product into the market. For instance, it makes a lot of sense for a pizza parlor to offer free pizzas over the weekend when it is start out. However, offering free pizzas to every new customer will simply not work well for the business. Giving free samples creates awareness concerning your product but then once this awareness has been created, you can proceed to the next step of actually selling the product.

3. Do not drop your prices to undercut your competitors

There is also the temptation to drop your prices to a level lower than that of the competition. While this would have worked some two decades ago, it does not help a lot nowadays. Customers understand the market better and they have come to know that lower prices simply prophesy of the pathetic services that they will get. If you lower your prices in a bid to undercut the completion then you are going to be losing a lot more than your competition.

This is not to say that you should not have discounts and also promotions every once in a while. That is a totally different case. You can lower the prices perhaps once in a year as a marketing strategy but do return them to their appropriate level afterwards. It helps a lot to trust in the quality of your products and services. If they are of high quality then you should give them the price that they deserve.


Begging customers to buy from your business is a bit too desperate for someone who trusts in the quality of their products. It is not something that you should be doing. There are several ways that you can earn the customers you are looking for. If you invest in your brand and product’s quality plus run serious marketing campaigns that are focused on your brand then you will be good to go.