The simple way to find happiness

Society is full of expectations. These could be from parents, employers, relatives, and friends. People often get into the trap of these perceived demands and end up not having happiness. More than that they fail to realize that these people around them are not intentionally causing distress but yet they do so unknowingly because what they expect from you is what you should have been doing for yourself in the first place.

If only people were a little more selfish towards themselves, this world would have been a better place to live in with a lot more happy individuals around us.

                The reason why I am writing about something as seemingly simple as being happy is that it does not occur to many people that just being happy can solve most problems that we face in life. But as humans, we are so obsessed with being successful, rich, and famous that we totally forget to be happy.

                In this article let us talk about how you can be happy by being a little self-centered.

Happiness comes from inside not outside:

                It is very important to realize that happiness does not stem from anything or anybody outside yourself and it takes a lifetime of practice for you to gain control over your own inner peace because we all live in a world where we have our egos that keep fighting with each other every day and what drains out eventually is our happiness. Other people cannot make you happy, they can only provide situations that can make you feel good or bad but ultimately it’s you who needs to decide what state of mind you want to live in.

                The best one-liner I have ever heard is “Happiness always looks small while we hold it in our hands but when we lose it, we realize how big and precious it was.” So that basically says that even though happiness seems like a very simple thing and everyone can attain it if they just buckle down and prepare themselves for the sacrifices required to achieve it, people still fail to do so. It’s not because they aren’t capable of doing so but because they are constantly indulging in things that bring them momentary joys instead of making them happy. If only people were a little more selfish about their own well being then everyone would be happier than they currently are.

I don’t like it, so I’ll quit:

                Not liking something and quitting are different. If you aren’t capable of doing something well but you don’t want to give up on it, then you should probably keep at it and try and figure out what you need to do to improve the quality of your work. Many times we see people quitting because things are not going as they had expected them to go and people just run off without even giving themselves enough time to gauge their own capabilities. You need to know that quitting doesn’t solve anything; instead, it brings you misery which lasts much longer than the joys that were brought by the job or whatever activity you had been doing beforehand. Giving up almost always feels like a relief because you don’t have to deal with the problems anymore but the only problem with this is that it also brings pain and regret.           

So what’s your point?

                If you were supposed to be a great painter, then no matter how good or bad of a painter you are. If quitting helps you do something more meaningful then by all means keep going. Otherwise don’t quit just for the heck of it or wait till something stops getting better forever. Or wait for people around you to get used to whatever it is. That bothers you about your current place of work. Always make sure before quitting something that there is something else waiting for you ahead in life. That would bring joy back into your life without any doubt.

                Quitting a job is really not a tough thing but it is very difficult. To break away from the moorings of society and go somewhere no one knows you. But doing this is what “finding happiness” means for you because by doing so your problems would automatically get solve. Furthermore your old ways of thinking about yourself would also disappear with time. Eventually letting you become a better person than what you were before.


The simple rule mentioned above applies both in small as well as big situations in our lives. Where we feel like giving up on something which was bringing us pain regularly. The key here is determination and conscientiousness because all problems can be solve if we keep ourselves motivated. Constantly try and figure out how to solve our little issues.

I just want to add one last thing in this article because I think it’s very helpful in life. As everyone has their own idea of happiness. Similarly we also have different ideas about what makes us feel bad and these ideas can change with time. So if you come across a situation where your happiness is at stake and you know that the only way you can be happy. By doing something else then go for that “something” else without wasting any more time on thinking about anything else.