The top outdoor activities to keep yourself entertained while visiting Austin

Austin, the capital of Texas, is one of a kind and also is considered the most creative among all the famous American cities. No other city offers you the varied options of biking, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, fishing, and also cycling. Whatever adventure rocks your boat, you name it – Austin has it.

The following post is a comprehensive Austin travel guide for the top ten adventures that awaits you when you visit Austin, Texas.  Keep in mind that the city does have its fair share of hot summer months. But, regardless of the mercury, there are several options to keep fit and also rejuvenate yourself at the Texas capital.

So, without further ado, here are the favorites.

Pedernales Falls State Park – hiking and camping

This park is around 5,200 acres and also is located 35 miles west of Austin. There is a famous limestone slide that looks almost otherworldly. If you are looking for hiking and camping, then there are several miles of trails along Wolf Mountain. You can explore the riverside beaches along with the swimming hole with boating access. There is a lot of wildlife to catch as well, including coyotes, armadillos, and also over 150 species of birds. However, do keep the weather report handy since heavy rains are known to cause flash flooding along the riverbanks.

Rocky Hill Ranch – mountain biking

The Rocky Hill Ranch is located at the Lost Pines about 40 miles east of Austin. This is a private mountain biking ranch and also is a favorite among adventure sport lovers. The track is an especially popular one with swooping alternate single-track along with climbs through the forest. Do carry your safety-gear with you while visiting the Rocky Hill Ranch. There is accommodation available as well, so you can plan your mini-vacation at this spot.

Hornsby Bend – birdwatching

The entirety of Austin is known for its feathered migratory species. Yes, the Hornsby Bend is a rather innocuous spot – as it is a Bio-solid Management plant, but you have a chance to see around 400 different species of birds at the settling ponds. According to experienced bird watchers, you can catch over 50 species within 4 hours. Some of the species include the bald eagles, osprey, waterfowl, woodpeckers, song, and also shore-birds. You might even spot a few raptors.

Guadalupe – fly fishing

Are you a fan of fly fishing? Then halfway between Austin and San Antonio, you have the Guadalupe River canyon Dam, which is stocked with trout. There are various public access spots, and the water remains sufficiently cold for you to make the prized catch. There are several big ones to catch if you can target the deep pools within the limestone bed. You will need a freshwater fishing license, and also those are readily available at the tackle shops prevalent in the area.

San Marcos – paddling

Texas rivers tend to dry out due to the intense summer heat. However, San Marcos is a notable exception. You can go for a paddle-boat trip with 20 miles of open river option. The paddling experience is entirely stress-free with occasional logjams and also small dams, but a great variety of wildlife will keep you hooked on to the scenery.

Reimers Ranch – rock climbing

The Reimers Ranch has always been one of the best places with river access for fishing and also climbing activities. It used to be privately owned till 2006, but now it is open to the public. There are over 300 top-notch routes. The climbers and many climbs are rated 5.9 and above. If you are looking to test yourself, then the “Crankenstein Wall” and the “House of Pain Buttress” are two that you should absolutely try. This place is a major draw for anglers as well due to the high spawn rate of white spring bass.

Texas Hill Country – road cycling

Here you can find the Lance Armstrong Downtown Bikeway and also various touring routes all through the towns of Austin. Highway 360, all the way to Highway 620. Do not forget to check for directions and a road-map from the local bike shops. If you are a hardcore racer, then you should check out the Tuesday Nighter to fight for bragging rights.

Lady Bird Lake – hiking and biking

The lady Bird Lake is a graveled loop along the dammed section of the Colorado River and is a very popular track for biking. However, you will need to keep your speed down as the trail can be quite crowded. Due to a large number of visitors, strollers, joggers, and also other health and fresh-air enthusiasts. You can even watch the free-tail bats emerge from underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge at sundown.

Barton Creek Greenbelt – mountain biking

Located just above Barton Springs, the heavily wooded trail is one of the best single-track for mountain biking in the country. You can bust your lung with the 7.5 miles climb from Zilker Park to the top of the Hill of Life. Keep in mind you need to watch out for the technical sections of the trail that is fraught with roots and exposed rock. You need to be an expert in navigating around these. There are various alternate entry points that you can try to avoid the traffic during the peak holiday seasons.

Barton Springs Pool – swimming

Swimming is most relaxing when it is the peak summer period. So, head over to the Barton Springs Pool for a summer dip. Located at Zilker Park in the heart of Austin, Texas, you can simply dive into the walled pool that is fed by four natural springs through a bubbling aquifer. The water is maintained at a relatively cooler temperature all around the year. Making it a very popular spot for tourists and also the local populace alike.

That concludes this list of the top ten places to visit in Austin for all your adventure lovers out there. So, plan your travel, pack your bags, and also go for it. Happy travels!