Tips for marketing your tutor business in a smart way

tutor business

Tutors are having a great time, thanks to the digital revolution that has also impacted the world of private tuition.  The online facilities have not only made it easy for teachers to reach out to students but it has expanded the horizon of tutor business enormously. Tutors belonged to the unorganized sector with stress on individual capabilities and had to fend for themselves in business. The digital age has changed that drastically. The demand of tutors have increased manifold and they have now become part of somewhat organized business segment known as tutor agencies.

Individual attention matters a lot in the learning. Students get the care and attention that they seek with focus on the weak areas that can be worked upon effectively. They can learn the way they want instead of having to fall in line with a specified learning system. Hence the need for tutors have grown with time regardless of the all round developments that have happened in the field of education. Tutor agencies are thriving on the growing demand by supplying tutors of your choice within a few hours. How they market their services has been discussed in this post.

Cheap advertising

Letting people know about your business is what advertising is all about. It begins with the cheapest methods of distributing flyers and putting up posters and making use of free bulletin boards. Distributing flyers in the mail boxes within a targeted location with business prospects is a primitive method that still works. Introduce your business briefly and precisely through smart write ups. Attract customers for free appraisals or discounts.

Putting up posters with removable discount tabs at malls and super markets that have the facility of free spaces for publicity is another way of cheap advertisement.  Having posters of different colors for different locations is a way of tracking the location from where the maximum free tabs come. This helps to pin point the most prospective location of business and devise suitable strategy for penetration.

Adding value

Adding value to the services is a great way to attract customers and build loyalty.  The tutor agency provides the platform for tutors and parents to meet and also facilitates the selection of tutors by identifying the prospective ones. However, all selections may not work well and students might like to have replacements immediately. By making use of the resources, the tuition agency can provide comfort in such situations by arranging for speedy replacement with another tutor, free of cost.

Online marketing

The digital world has changed the traditional advertising concepts by making it more interactive. A website can be used to reach out to customers directly and interact with them by using the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Your business gains credibility through the internet presence and you can take various SEO techniques to engage with customers and motivate them to make business happen.

Depending on the audience demographics, you can even think about only having a high impacting digital presence only instead of traditional advertising. But you have to give time to enjoy the returns on investment.

About the author – Martin Johnson is a business analyst and marketing consultant. He has guided several start ups across all segments of business with their marketing plans including Smile Tutor, the Singapore based tutor agency.  His love for sports drives him to the front of televisions to catch up with the NBA fixtures. Providing marketing tips comes to him naturally that he shares through his blogs.