Tommy Shek – Earn Passive Income With These High Return Investment Ideas

Do you have some savings that you need to put somewhere? Then, why not make it work for you? With rates of return spiking seriously high these days, investing is one of the best ways to relieve your financial worries explains Tommy Shek. 

From cryptocurrencies to real estate, there are some decent options where you can invest money to get higher returns. These are some of the most awarding investment options of the current time. If you are looking for a passive income source by investing, you can give these options shared here a try.

Corporate Bonds

Bonds are a type of loan in which an investor or lender gives trade credit to a corporation to obtain interest payments and repayment at maturity. This strategy has relatively low risk but is also given only moderate rates of return. 

Corporate bonds, which large companies issue, typically pay interest at fixed rates or coupons. Bonds that pay interest regularly are known as fixed-rate bonds. However, bonds can also be issued with variable rates of return and often carry a higher risk than fixed-rate bonds.

Stock Options

A stock option is an income stream that allows you to earn money from investments in an individual company’s stock without owning the stock itself. Like trading stocks, options give you the possibility of again if the price of shares goes up or a loss if the price declines. 

The main difference between stock options and buying actual shares is that you do not own any company property when using either method. But, again, you can take the example of Tommy Shek making millions by investing in the stock market. 

Short-Term Promissory Notes

Banks and finance companies create these contracts to raise capital. They are generally unsecure but collateralized by government bonds or other assets. They are classify as debt instruments because investors are paid interest from the money invested regularly. However, the repayment date is usually within one year, so you get your capital back.

Limited Liability Corporation

People of all backgrounds can form an LLC for a minimal fee of $1- $200. Once established, you have complete control over your business and whatever assets make up its balance sheet. In case of bankruptcy, whatever losses you have will be count against your possessions only and not against the business itself.


This is the best investment says Tommy Shek, if you want to make the most out of your money while taking on a fairly low level of risk. A decentralized network of computers processes transactions using cryptographic protocols, also known as “digital currency.” 

It has gained popularity in recent years because it allows people to transfer money without going through banks or any central authority. Many crypto coins can offer you solid returns from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Litecoin and SHIBA INU.

These are some of the best options for investing your money in 2022. You can try these options, and you will surely get significant returns as a passive income source.