Top 7 Investments Trends to Follow in 2021 as Observed by Paul Harman

Although nothing can be guarantee when you invest, you can, to some extent. Predict what investment might turn out to be fruitful. Paul Harman says investment always has some amount of risk attached to it. And the more risk, the more is the profit. Looking at the current market conditions and also what is to come shortly, here are some investment trends that you should invest in 2021 –


As suggested by Paul Haarman, the pharmaceutical industry has been working on getting the COVID-19 under control. The market may reward them if they succeed. The vaccine manufacturing companies, both public and private, stand to benefit a great deal if they are successful. May also benefit, like firms that sell cooling technology. Keeping the vaccines cold and at a maintained temperature is the need of the hour.

Travel stocks

Sectors like the travel industry, which have suffered. A lot due to the pandemic, are predicted to make a comeback as the world starts to get back to normal. Demand for airlines, hotels, and cruise liners may shoot up with the return of everyday life. So naturally, all the increased economic activity will benefit the major tourist cities that have been hit hard.

Restaurant Stocks

As normalcy returns, the restaurant chains will see a rise too. But with the announcement of the vaccine and the expectation of life going back to normal. The stocks of some of the popular chains saw significant gains.  


With the world being hit by the pandemic, we saw a surge in technology. As life moved on digital platforms. Some sectors may see that online traffic remains as people make permanent changes in their lifestyles. Thus, Online retails, cyber, and artificial intelligence investments can prove to be beneficial.


It is a digital form of currency designed to function as the normal currency. To remove banks and also middlemen from taking a cut in the transactions. Cryptocurrency has given investors a considerable amount of benefits. Although volatile, it yields high returns, but it would do you well to remember that all investments have risks attached to them. 

Digital Payment 

Paul Harman with the practice of social distancing and also abstinence from touch. Digital payment options like Paypal, Google pay, etc., saw a surge in demand and use. A general habit of paying digitally has been formed, which might not be easy to break as it is comfortable. The younger generation preferred shopping online and online payment options long before the pandemic. Customers are choosing to go cashless and prefer digital payments and online banking.

Social Media

The movement of life to digital media because of the worldwide pandemic also impacted the growth of social media. As the best way to connect to your target market or audience, social media stocks saw quite a rise.

These were the best investment trends suggested by Paul Haarman where you should invest to grow your money and also get rich.