Top Celebrities and Plastic Surgery Disasters

Celebrities have often admired and adulated because of their drop-dead gorgeous looks and also chiselled features. It also chiselled features. However, more often than not, these features were not natural or God-gifted. Instead, they crafted by plastic surgery. However, often these procedures have been a total disaster. Katie Price recently shocked all her fans when she revealed her drastic transformation after her third facelift recently in Turkey. 

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However, this news doesn’t come as a total surprise to Hollywood fans. Many celebrities have experienced such disasters before and are living to repent their decision to go for plastic surgery. Whether it is a failed restrict cosmetic surgery to the bare minimum

Katie Price

This glamorous celebrities have opted for breast augmentation and also three facelifts. She was naturally beautiful in 1995 when she had started her modelling career. The results of her recent procedure have left all her fans truly shocked and also devastated. After going through a series of cosmetic procedures in Turkey recently, her pictures reveal that she is finding it difficult to even open her eyes after the operation. Katie has admitted recently she was looking just like an alien

Carla Bruni

Former French First Lady, Carla Bruni has been a successful model. However, she is looking like a ‘chipmunk’ after getting Botox. Carla Bruni had stunning natural looks that landed her the prestigious Chanel and Dior campaigns. In recent years, she is having remarkably ‘puffer’ appearance. Ever since she opted for. As per Dr. Alex Karidis, a British surgeon, Carla has used excessive Botox that is making her look just like a chipmunk.

Donatella Versace

Donatella is a well-known face in the international fashion circuit. She is compared recently to a waxwork. In 2013, she had admitted that she was not genetically the way she looked then while speaking candidly at the prestigious Vogue Festival. She looked completely different in 1998. She has admitted that she wears fake eyelashes, hair extensions, and also has got Botox only on her face.

Bobby Norris

Ever since his rise to stardom and fame on TOWIE, we have noticed that Bobby Norris’s appearance has got transformed dramatically but at that time he had admitted to getting just a nose job done. He has also got a beard transplant that cost him £9,000. He says that his beard transplant has given him a lot of self-confidence. However, he looks quite concerned about his looks.

Chloe Ferry

Chloe Ferry has regarded as a surgery addict by many. She has been a couple of nose jobs, a bum lift, boob implants, and regular fillers. Chloe feels frustrated at the way people have been discussing her looks and she desperately wants people to get over her plastic surgery. She had previously admitted to Sun that she repented getting her belly done.


Moreover, she regretted her decision to let the public know about her surgery. Sometimes man proposes and God disposes of. Some of our celebs were keen to transform their looks for better. However, things went wrong and their surgeries were a total flop. It is difficult to live with a regret of a failed procedure. It is quite commendable that are celebs are holding up well!