Top Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions of 2019

Celebrities and wardrobe malfunctions are pretty common. Celebrities are adored for their amazing glitz and glamour. However, sometimes celebs also, go through certain embarrassing moments because of wardrobe malfunctions.

So, as per forbes, the halftime show associated with Super Bowl XVIII has made history as it became one of the striking and memorable incidents that took place since the advent of television and this incident would remain in your minds forever. When Timberlake was about to finish singing his single and ended up tearing Jane’s bustier, everything changed for good. After more than 140 million viewers saw Jane’s exposed breast, this became the subject for all discussions and conversations for weeks throughout the nation. Such is the impact of celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

Therefore, as 2019 has come to an end, let us trace back some of the celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

Sophie Turner

On September 22, 2019, Sophie Turner was looking gorgeous in a beautiful blush pink outfit as she walked on Emmy’s red carpet. However, what was not demonstrated in the photo is in fact, the wardrobe malfunction that took place until she was rescued by Tan France. So, Sophie had encountered a potential malfunction that required to be fixed. Using some kind of glue or a tide pen for fixing the issue, Tan was advising another lady who was trying to work on Sophie’s outfit.

Sophie Turner Tan France

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian narrowly escaped embarrassment at the launch party of her sister’s Kylie Skin. She had exposed quite a lot more than she desired to. However, she escaped the criticism and also embarrassment simply by incorporating an emoji strategically into the photo she had shared on Instagram. Kourtney wore an attractive pink rhinestone short dress by Dior. When Kourtney was posing for a photo amidst stuffed animals with Stephanie Shepherd, her dear friend, she crossed her legs and the dress went up and her underwear could be seen. Kourtney did not want the silly malfunction to ruin the image so utilized a pink emoji containing a heart and placed it strategically.


Anne Hathaway

Just before making an appearance on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Anne Hathaway, shared a pic of her arrival at the studio standing with a leg crossed nicely in front of another and hand placed on her hip. Later on, she told us the reason why she had such a pose for the picture. However, she had ended up splitting her outfit. She changed her dress and wore the same dress that she had worn for Shape Magazine’s cover.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton also ended up revealing more than she was intending to. In September, Paris had do attend Winnie Harlow and Kim Kardashian’s launch party of KKW Beauty Makeup.  When she arrived at this party she ended up revealing slightly more than she wanted to. She was wearing a silver outfit with very high slits that revealed her lack of undergarments.

Busty Paris Hilton suffers a DOUBLE wardrobe malfunction as she almost spills out of her low-cut dress before getting her heel caught at Hollywood Beauty Awards

Such wardrobe malfunctions are pretty common in the Hollywood celeb circuit. However, when such wardrobe malfunctions occur, they become a good source of entertainment for everyone. We keep talking about such incidents.