Top Movies that Might Win the Best Picture Award in the Oscars

With the Academy Awards function just around the corner, movies buffs are wondering who is going to walk away with ‘Best Picture’ in 2020. Each major film from Hollywood has the potential to shine and bag the award this Oscar season. As far as the best picture category is concerned, it’s voted on via a preferential ballot and members of the academy rank their preferences instead of just choosing a single winner. Again, there is a voting body, which is gradually growing younger and more diverse each year.

According to an article published on, Parasite, Joker, Little Women, and Marriage Story are some of the films competing for the best picture category. Here are some of the top movies that may win the best picture award in the Oscars this year:


Did you know that the Oscars had not honoured a foreign-language film for decades? It shows that as far as Oscar history is concerned, it is not in the favour of the black comedy Parasite based on social and class discrimination. However, there is a lot of love in Hollywood for films like Parasite, as the movie had a major surprise win at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Since actors constitute the maximum voting bloc when it comes to the Academy together with the honour for bagging the best drama award conferred by the American Cinema Editors, Parasite has a chance of winning at the Oscars this year.


What a film! Joker is an iconic movie released in 2019 and has the chance to bag the best picture awards for all the right reasons. Although some believe that this movie does not stand a chance to win the best picture award compared to other categories such as makeup and hair or original score, Joker has the maximum nominations. Just as Parasite, Joker would gain momentum through the preferential ballot. The movie made substantial money around $334.6 million in the US and another $1.1 billion globally, this film can’t be overlooked as far as the best picture category is concerned. Let us keep our fingers crossed for this outstanding film to win the best picture award as well as Joaquin Phoenix winning the best actor.


This World War I movie about two UK soldiers competing to deliver orders to save the lives of 1,600 fellow soldiers have a chance of bagging the best picture category in the Oscars. The movie has already won two big honours at the Producers Guild Awards and the Directors Guild Awards.

The film 1917 is popular, as it won the Golden Globe for best drama with an impressive box office collection. The amount was a whopping $104 million in just a few days after its release. The only thing to worry is that 1917 does not have the nomination for acting and just 11 movies in the history of Oscars did win the best picture sans the best acting nomination. The recent example is the film Slumdog Millionaire (2009).


Let us hope for the best and see one of these films winning the best picture category. The chances are more for Joker, which is a magnum opus.