Top Punk Evergreen Hit Albums

Punk rock was introduced in 1976. Therefore, we know that its phenomenal musical variety, as well as, transforming emotional power seemed to be immediate and still remain overwhelming. So, We have managed to compile an awesome list of some of the greatest ever Punk albums.

The ‘London Calling’

By the time we saw the release of ‘London Calling’, The Clash were very much popular and were taking their music to several new places. London Calling and also, the Guns of Brixton had an element of punk political and aesthetic awareness. However, songs such as Clampdown, Train in vain and even Rudie Can’t Fail helped Clash broaden their horizon and expand their canvas. This is an exceptional album and also deserves to be among the top punk albums.

Ramones, ‘Ramones’

In 1976 the Ramones were a rage thanks to their catchy anthem called the “Blitzkrieg Bop,” and the fantastic, exhilarating foot-tapping number “Beat on the Brat” and even the all-time favourite and the classic track “Judy Is a Punk.” Some of the tracks such as “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”, “Havana Affair,” and “53rd and 3rd” have been appreciated and loved generation after generation and is worthy of being in the top punk albums list.

The Horrorpops’ Hell Yeah! (2004)

With ‘Hell Yeah!’ their debut album, the music band called The Horrorpops raised to phenomenal fame and also get tremendous popularity. Even though eerie rockability seems to be the norm of this specific genre. The Horrorpops infuses a happier twist predominantly thanks to the voice of the female singer. The bass seems nice from Patricia considering the fact that she also has singing responsibilities too. The bouncy drums steal the show and So, you would be impressed by the two guitarists. However, the band does a fabulous job in all their tracks right from the incredible Surf song “Horrorbeach” to the faster beat “where they wander”. 

We Are… The League (1982)

This is the League’s debut album that placed them almost instantaneously as a leading band of the time. Therefore, this group was formed by bikers who had a passion for punk rock way back in 1979. So, the lyrics of the album range from bondage to bestiality, to pure filth, and Animals growling sound complements perfectly the slow music. The Metallica had admitted that the League has been one of their top influencers because their key tracks were Streets of London and Animal among many others that brought them instant stardom. 

The Viruses, to Hide (2002)

This was the second release of the Viruses and was regarded as their best album. On songs such as Working for the Company and Another Day goes By, you could experience the UK 82 sound thanks to Jarrod’s superfast drum beat and Paul’s rough vocals. The ‘Viruses’ is certainly one of the hottest bands ever.

Black Flag, ‘Damaged’

As punk got slightly more hardcore, we saw the emergence of Black Flag as a leading player in the genre. With the inclusion of Henry Rollins, the band was taken to the next level as they acquired new heights of glory. They got tremendous acclaim and gained phenomenal popularity with songs like ‘Rise Above’ and ‘TV Party. Moreover, ‘Damaged I’ and ‘Six Pack’ are some of the best ever tracks of the popular band.