TripActions Sacks Hundreds of Employees due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc on employees nations and peoples’ lives, one of its greatest impacts on the travel and tourism industry. With US citizens maintaining social distancing, they have canceled vacation plans, tourist attractions closed, and the overall tourism sector worst hit by the corona crisis.

According to an article published on, you will not find any distinct moment when travel will bounce back to normalcy. Things will only become normal when travelers feel comfortable to see places with particular destinations opening for tourists.

Then, Palo Alto, California based travel company TripActions sacked hundreds of its employees amid the corona crisis.

The company gave layoff notices to 350 employees

The US-based travel firm lay off 350 employees amid the corona pandemic, leaving them jobless. Business Insider has corroborated the same figure. However, one of the spokesperson of TripActions cited that the number of sacked employees is not more than 300, though he supported his comment by mentioning that 25 of their staff were offered different roles in the company.

Again, in previous news to Crunchbase News, the travel firm has agreed that it had to trim jobs due to the corona pandemic and its gigantic economic impact on the company. The travel firm has decided to eliminate all non-essential expenses; however, it did not confirm the number of employees being laid off all of a sudden or at any point in time.

The hard decision was taken

The company had to take the harsh decision to cut back on its worldwide workforce to deal with the current crisis. The company cited that they expect to hire back the sacked employees once the corona pandemic dies down and things return to normal. It also said that the people who lost employment would rejoin the company to ensure business travel is smooth for all their customers.

The corona health hazard is something the company has not witnessed in decades, and they feel sad for everyone out there affected by the global pandemic. This includes TripAction’s partners, customers, employees, and suppliers.

The corona crisis has a far-reaching impact on travel and tourism

The epidemic has impacted the travel and tourism sector and has a far-reaching effect. The company spokesperson said that they are fortunate enough to procure funds as well as secured debt financing. They are also taking the right steps within the company to make certain that they are beside their customers and travelers in the days to come.

One week’s separation and medical cover until month-end

TripActions is offering its sacked employees one week’s separation as well as medical coverage until the end of the month. Then, one of the spokesmen of the company contradicted about severance as well as medical cover, citing that they are providing separation packages to American employees, which includes 60 days of TripAction’s paid COBRA health coverage plan, lengthening the medical benefits until month end of June with a payout of three weeks employee salary.

Many companies are firing employees or paying 50 percent salaries amid the corona pandemic, which is unfortunate. It’s expected once things return to normal; the companies will hire back the sacked employees.