Trump Administration Aims to Modernize National Parks with Amazon and Wi-Fi

Trump’s team of hires from the private sector aims to modernize the national parks and also camping grounds of America with Amazon deliveries, Wi-Fi, and food trucks. An Amazon person cited that their suggestions would let people choose additional expenses if they like. The person also cited that Amazon would like to allow US citizens to make their individual decisions in the market segment. The committee did publish its suggestions in a letter to the internal department recently.

The national parks and camping sites are one of those government resources that Donald Trump seeks to bring under the private sector. It also includes airports, US postal service, and freeways.

Trump wants to reduce expenses on parks

Yes, the White House would like to reduce national park spending by at least 15 percent, which comes to $481 million. That is because the service has trouble maintaining a backlog of $11 billion. So, the committee cited that the entire camping ground system run by federal staff has insufficient and obsolete visitor infrastructure, and therefore requires additional funding.

The existing capacity failed to meet with the changes and development in campsite demand and infrastructure is lacking. Therefore, the parks cannot meet the expectations of the modern campground market. In fact, the American campgrounds are an underperforming or inefficient asset of the country.

There is proof to indicate the rate of occupancy at several camping grounds could increase and modern services including utilities, Wi-Fi, camp stores, equipment rentals, extended family sites, and food facilities are preferred. It would lead to increased net revenues when operational expenses are shifted to private hands, according to the committee.

The committee also proposes to stop senior citizens to avail 50 percent discounts on the US camping grounds during peak times, such as on July 4.

Stephanie Loeb, the spokesperson of National Park Service cited that the panel remains terminated as well no further action has been initiated based on the committee recommendations or suggestions. The report needs proper evaluation and only then, a response seems appropriate.

Concern for the climate

Today, climate change is a big concern, and therefore, wildlife extinction, global warming, as well as pollution call for more importance and attention than the privatization of the national parks in the country. We all should understand climate change is the key issue of our times. There are environmental hazards to consider and therefore, any political or commercial interest will take a back seat when it comes to protecting the national parks of America.

The national parks are the asset of the country, maintained, and preserved with care. Nature should as it is. The climate change of our times is a systematic process and therefore, protecting these parks becomes very essential. Any commercial intervention for monetary gains and shortsighted vision might prove hazardous for our environment. It is not safe. Our aim is to protect the environment and nature. Cutting down of trees or disturbing wildlife would prove perilous in the days to come. What are your views on the privatization of the US national parks and environment protection?