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Last year in May, I wrote a post on Stylish Leather Couches and their Various Colors. Back then, the only color options were black and brown. But things have changed in a year! Now there are so many different colors available in leather couches that it becomes difficult to choose one of them for your living room’s décor.

In this article, we shall look at 8 new-age leather couch colors which have been trending hard in decor circles:

1. Greenish Brown –

This color is very close to the original brown color but has a hint of green or blue added into it! It combines beautifully with all kinds of furniture items and gives a sophisticated feel to any theme based décor you might have going on.

2. Spicy Brown –

This color is very similar to the spicy red color and can be easily mixed and matched with leather couches of this color! This unique shade makes it perfect for décor themes based on rustic, ethnic or vintage styles.

3. Beige/Cream –

If you want your living room to look elegant and classy but don’t want an overload of colors, then the beige couch will fit perfectly in! The cream colored couches always add a touch of elegance and classiness to any living space no matter how large or small it might be. They go well with almost all kinds of furniture items such as cabinets, TV units, tables etc. which means that if you wish to rearrange the use of your furniture in a planned way, this is one color which can help you out!

4. Gray –

This is another classy and elegant color which gives off a very cool vibe to any space. If you wish for a more modern look and feel and don’t want to go with bland colors such as beige and white, opt for gray colored couches. They will blend in beautifully with almost all kinds of furniture items such as cabinets, TV units, tables etc.

5. White/Ivory –

There’s no denying that white looks brilliant in almost every type of décor style possible thus making it the favorite choice among interior decorators worldwide! In fact, even if you wish to keep your decor minimal and simple, the white colored leather couches will still help bring a classy touch to it.

6. Black –

The black leather couches are definitely the bestseller in the color department as everyone wants to own one! Whether you are looking for fancy or modern, funky or elegant, this color has got an answer to all! It goes well with almost every type of theme imaginable thus giving it more brownie points in terms of versatility!

7. Biege/Creamy White –

This is yet another elegant shade which merges perfectly with almost all types of décor themes out there! If you have a colored theme going on for your living room but still want an element of plainness in it, this color can do the job for you.

8. Brownish White –

The only thing which seems to lack in white couches is their tendency to look monotonous after a while due to their one-tone nature. The brownish-white color overcomes this problem by adding some spicy colors into the mix thus making your décor feel more lively and energetic! This color works best if you have a neutral theme going on for your living space with minimal accessories etc.

Having covered 8 new-age leather couch colors that are trending hard among home decor circles, let’s now take a look at some other kinds of leather furniture items which are all set to make it big in terms of trends:

1. Leather Furniture for the Garden –

If you thought that leather furniture was only for the indoors, then think again! Many designers are now opting to use these couches in their beautiful gardens as well by providing them with an elegant touch of classiness! So if you have a garden or veranda at home and wish to give it a classy look with some trendy furniture items, this is one thing which should definitely be on your mind!

2. White Leather Furniture –

A lot of people are now shifting towards white colored leather furniture items due to the simplicity they offer when it comes to having fun with different types of décor themes. If you want to keep your living space minimalistic yet want some eye-catchy furniture items within it, then this is one thing which you should certainly be opting for!

3. Leather Sofas with Recliners –

This is yet another fun leather furniture item which many people are now opting for in order to keep their living room décor more alive and entertaining. Many couches nowadays come with recliner options attached to them due to the increasing demand of such items in the market! So if you wish to add some life into your favorite spot in the house, this is something which will prove it useful on all levels!


So these were 8 trendy leather couches which are now ruling the market due to their sheer simplicity yet stylish appeal. The biege/creamy white colored sectional sofas are also making big bucks in terms of worldwide sales as they have an elegant charm attached to them which can’t be easily ignored!