Types of Shoes That Will Go Perfectly With Your Dresses

One who believes that diamonds are the best friends of ladies has never met a woman who loves shoes. Shoes are capable of enhancing your beauty and complimenting the dress you wear. Also, if you have knowledge about the right pair of shoes for the dress that you are wearing, people are going to turn their heads to look at you. This is an important reason as to why you should have knowledge about the types of shoes that are there in the market for ladies and select the ones that are appropriate for the kind of dressing sense that you have. However, it doesn’t hurt to have more than 10-12 pairs of shoes! According to www.bostonglobe.com, the sales of women’s shoes increased by 21%.

Given below is a list of the types of shoes that you should know about.

Peep Toes

Peep toes look simple and cool, but they are capable of providing a touch of both class as well as elegance to your look. You can wear the peep toes with the short knee length dresses. If you are someone who cannot wear stilettos for long, choose the wedge peep toes. You can wear the flat peep toes for an opaque look with your jeggings and leggings.


Pumps have the capacity of turning your entire look into chic and urban. You can wear a pair of pumps with cigarette pants, pantsuits, pencil skirts, and long dresses. Pumps go beautifully well with formal attire as well. During the winter season, you can pair your fur jackets and jeans with a beautiful pair of pumps.


Most people have a question as to how different are stilettos from the pumps. The answer is that they do not have a lot of difference. The pumps are normally the heels, which remain closed, while the other pairs of shoes that have heels are stilettos. Stilettos are known to enhance the beauty and look of each and every dress that you are going to wear, irrespective of whether it is casual, party, or formal wear.

Small heels

If you are someone who is not at all comfortable in heels, it is a good idea to opt for the small heels. Small heels are going to provide you with the satisfaction associated with wearing heels. If you want a pair of shoe, which is going to compliment the office look, this kind of shoe is definitely going to save you. It is going to provide an elevated look and spruce your look up. Choosing these pairs of womens shoes will definitely make you look good.


Most ladies stereotype boots and think that they are ideal only for the winters. However, you need to change this thought completely, because boots can make you look cool and fashionable no matter when you are going to wear it. You can pair them up with a knee-length dress or a pair of skinny jeans and a leather jacket.


Only the pair of shoes that you select is going to make you look adorable and beautiful. Consider all the kinds of shoes that have been mentioned above and ensure that you select the ones that are best for you.