Unveiling some of the Hottest Lifestyle Trends for Men in the United States in 2020

With the advent of 2020, repeating outfits, Lifestyle and recycling objects have become quite fashionable and many of you are also, trying your best to modify your lifestyle and consumption habits for being slightly more kinder to the Mother Earth, and choosing enduring, timeless products over disposable goods as per https://www.vogue.in. Let’s explore some of the lifestyle trends for men that are gaining a lot of traction. 

Plant-Oriented Dieting

The most discussed documentaries of the last year 2019 were actually ‘The Game Changers’ that surely concentrated on the effective manner in which switching over to basically a plant-oriented diet culminated in a measurable performance boost for multiple elite athletes, right from Conor McGregor, mixed martial artist to Scott Jurek the runner. There would be a boom in the alternative meat world, growing concern over $4 trillion wellness industry, growing worries over the climate issues, Expect to see men going vegetarian and get rid of all the stigmas.

The New Craze: Non-Alcoholic Beer

Hard seltzers were the craze among craft breweries for 2019, but the New Year might hold a new and very different adventure entirely. Popular microbreweries like Athletic Brewing, Surreal and Bravus have been in the non-alcoholic beer game for a long time, but they might finally be facing competition from small and big players alike as craft non-alcoholic beer becomes more popular.

Men’s Style Becoming Less Binary 

If we look back into the 2019’s collection of men’s hot favourite outfits, we observed that the well-dressed men in the world were increasingly trying out accessories and outfits conventionally regarded as feminine. Men’s fashion is sure heading in the direction where the increasing number of brands are concentrating on a gender-neutral line of clothing such as Entire world, the latest label from the renowned ‘Band of Outsiders’ that sells most of its designs and styles without any binary gender labels.

Boutique Watch Brands Gaining More Traction

Boutique watch brands would be becoming household names. Brands such as Baltic, Oak & Oscar, Farer, and Monta are known for creating exquisite robust watches that are known to provide modern features without deviating much from the conventional designs and principles of horology. All these amazing watches are sold at incredibly attractive prices that seem welcoming to the fresher or newcomers. Since entry-level prices of watches from top-notch brands are priced exorbitantly and are gradually beyond our reach, the startup brands are gaining phenomenal popularity and grabbing the majority of the market share Gary Saitowitz. 

High-Waisted Trousers Would Be in Fashion

There would be too many new menswear trends in 2020 and your Instagram feed would be full of pictures of fashionable men in their striking outfits. You could keep track of Harry Styles to stay updated on men’s fashion and lifestyle. You could keep checking him out for the next couple of years or so simply because whatever clothes he wears they become a runaway hit.

Tie- & Dye Still Going Strong

The fashion world is truly cyclical in nature and that is quite evident from the art of tie-and-dye that would keep coming in and going out of fashion. You could opt for tie-dye as your staple streetwear that comes as hazy Technicolor waves. You must buy tie-dye socks that are very much in vogue in 2020. 

Be prepared for a rollicking year with so many fashion trends to focus on!