Use of Drapes as Part of Home Decoration – learn more

Use of Drapes as Part of Home Decoration – learn more about drapes as part of home decoration as well as about drapes materials, standards and styles. In Elegant Curtains you can find detailed information about drapes colors and patterns, window treatments for different rooms in the house, etc.

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Drapes are an important element of interior decor. They can determine the style and the mood of the room. Basically, curtains play two roles: they cover windows and decorate them at the same time. However, modern trends are changing the function of curtains. Nowadays, drapes are produced to be seen even when they are closed.

Drapes Characteristics

According to the purpose they serve, curtains are divided into two major types: functional and decorative. The main distinction between them is that functional curtains are closed or opened to provide privacy or protection from sun or cold. On the other hand, decorative drapes are added for better looking of windows. Today’s home owners usually choose pleated curtains because they are practical, light-weight and easy in installation. Pleated curtain valances can be created using standard curtain rod rings by gathering three to four panels together at the center point of rod.

Curtain Accessories

Apart from providing basic functions, draperies may also include accessories in order to create a unique look. For instance, tiebacks can be used in formal settings when you need to draw back curtains or roman shades for opening and closing. These accessories are usually made of metal, wood, cloth or vinyl materials. Buttons are an alternative type of tiebacks which allow you to open the curtain easily by pressing on them with your finger.

Tiebacks vs. Drawstrings

Sometimes people also use corded tiebacks instead of conventional ones because they can save space when draperies are not used. This option is especially popular in small bedrooms where it’s often preferred to have all windows covered with drapes or window blinds without spending too much space on them. Tieback valances might be better than traditional tiebacks if you want to create a formal look in each room of your home. Why? Because they are more elegant and decorative.

Informal curtains, which are also name as draperies, may be close all the time to meet the functional requirements of windows. However, they can also be open to allow sunlight or moonlight in. Informal drapes often include tiebacks because they must stay open unless you attach them with curtain rods for elegant looks.

Attractive Drapes Designs

Drapery designs should be chose not only according to your taste but also in accordance with the type of window treatments that seem appropriate for each room in your home. For homes with modern décors, contemporary fabrics like linen, silk velvet or cotton will perfectly fit into interior decorations because they provide both style and comfort. On the other hand, casual styles call for more classic fabrics like chintz or damask. However, you can always opt for more creative drapes designs if your home has a traditional interior design while contemporary curtains will be perfect in modern settings.

Curtain Colors and Patterns

Today’s home owners no longer choose just one color of drapes because they are looking for something colorful and unusual. If you decide to change the style of your windows by adding some bright colors on them, curtain patterns may also help to make things look interesting. For instance, you could use fringed draperies if your rooms have an ethnic décor or floral print curtains with matching tiebacks. You can find anything that will meet all requirements at Elegant Drapes.

Curtain Design Ideas

If you are looking for some inspiration for your window treatment design, below are several suggestions that might be helpful:

1) Decorative drapes with tiebacks may look very elegant in the bedroom or living room. However, they will also provide exceptional function by allowing you to open and close them easily without using cords. This way, informally-styled drapes can serve as stunning decor items when left opened while providing privacy when closed.

2) Another great idea is to hang curtains over nightstands if you want to create a complete home décor. Where each detail looks perfect. For instance, use blue patterned curtains for guest bedrooms. If you like this color but want to provide your visitors with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

3) Roman shades or vertical blinds are perfect for the kitchen. Because they allow you to control incoming light just as well as they protect your privacy when closed. Therefore, you can always use them instead of curtains. While still adding some style to room interiors thanks to window treatment patterns like stripes or damask.

4) The bathroom will look much better if it features large windows covered. With semi-informal draperies which may be close without any problems when necessary. With these accessories, not only will interior designs get complete. But also, you can enjoy watching beautiful views outside even while sitting on the toilet.


Informal window treatments provide exceptional design flexibility. Because they allow you to change the look of your interior settings with ease. For instance, if you would like to have a more formal or casual décor in your bedroom. Dining room or living room, just add suitable draperies and tiebacks without changing a single thing.