What Are Wrongful Deaths + Which are The Grounds for Suing?

Wrongful death refers to untimely or unnatural death of an individual because of a wrongful act perpetrated by another person. Such is a tortious act committed by a person, a public entity, or a business. It is a civil case and the claims are brought in court by surviving members of the deceased victim. As a result of the defendant’s negligence, the family and friends of the deceased are caused irreparable harm.

The main grounds for suing include:

Medical malpractice

Doctors and medical practitioners have been assigned the role of maintaining health and doing so within the set professional standards. Unfortunately, the professionals with the responsibility to uphold life and good health may fail to meet their statutory obligations or fail to work within the set statutes leading to loss of a patient’s life.

When such deaths result from negligence, the best personal injury lawyers should be at hand to represent you and help your family obtain compensation for the untimely death. Claims can also be made when death results from prescription of unsafe medication.

Reckless conduct

Law firm will represent you if your loved one died because of reckless or negligent behavior of another person. The lawyer will argue your case for compensation in form of monetary damage providing for the deceased’s full value of life.

Even though the life of the dead person will not be returned, your family’s financial burden will be eased.

Defective products

Businesses, manufacturers, wholesalers, or distributors can be sued and claims asked for when their negligence in production or supply of a product leads to death. The negligence on the part of the defendant will have caused the unnatural death of your loved one and therefore, these persons or business will be directly responsible for the death.

A good example will be failing to mention that a certain food has nuts, then it’s taken by someone with severe nut allergies and they die from anaphylaxis.

Drunk driving

There is an ever increasing number of accidents resulting from drunken driving. These accidents result in wrongful deaths, which get compensation after aggressive representation of the deceased’s loved ones by the best lawyers.

A defendant will be charged for the crime if they were driving under the influence of alcohol with blood alcohol levels exceeding the acceptable levels or when their being intoxicated endangered the lives of other motorists causing accidents and death.

Vehicular accidents

Bus, car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle accidents result in wrongful deaths and the deaths devastate families. Even though monetary damages cannot bring back the lives lost, the court will rule against a negligent defendant and they will have to pay some money to serve as compensation for the financial burden that the family of the deceased faces.

In conclusion, wrongful death claims are made by family members, spouse, children, parents or an administrator of the deceased estate. A good dedicated lawyer will help the family to get the most reasonable amount of money. Elder abuse, neglect, workers claims, dangers on construction sites and property, or boating/train accidents are also grounds for suing.