What Home-Bound Celebs Are Wearing to Beat the Pandemic Blues?

At a time when most of us have no other option but to follow government advisories to stay home to help flatten the COVID-19 pandemic curve, celebrities too, have followed suit with most of their engagements having been called off. Most people with no reason to don formal office-wear are spending time at home wearing loungewear, shorts, and pajamas. If you think it is the perfect opportunity for you to try out some comfortable yet fashionable casual apparel, you can take a peek at what celebrities are wearing at home for inspiration.

Kylie Jenner

The celebrity model cum media personality seems to be enjoying her quarantine indoors in comfortable sweatshirts and loungewear. In sharp contrast to her usual glamorous hairdo, she has tied up her hair in a severe bun. Combined with smart eye makeup, it has given her the perfect looks for a round of selfies for posting on her hugely popular Instagram account that according to BBC has over 141 million followers. If you want to experiment with this kind of a look, you can pair an oversized dark hoodie with tracksuit pants of a matching color. To complete your chilled-out appearance, you can add a pair of chunky sneakers to the combo, especially if you are thinking of relaxing on your balcony or patio. This simple, elegant, yet comfortable style is easy for everyone to adopt for spending days in self-imposed isolation.

Chiara Ferragni

Being cooped up at home has never seemed so appealing, as projected by Chiara Ferragni, the celebrity Italian fashion blogger, social media influencer, and designer who topped the 2017 Forbes list of top fashion influencers. You can see her in the tracksuit she has designed herself in soft baby pink that looks so fresh and puts a lovely feminine touch to typical athletic leisure apparel. A simple white T-shirt and an elegant chain complete her simple yet sophisticated looks. You can very easily try this at home; the number of likes of your selfie is bound to go through the roof.

Olivia Palermo

The celebrated American socialite, fashion influencer, and entrepreneur has an unbelievably hectic life, but at home, she likes nothing better than to curl up on the couch in wool loungewear that looks so cool. Alternatively, she can be found all dressed down in jammies combined with high heels for a look that you would love to emulate at home. For the best effect, you can put on light charcoal or cool gray outfit and finish the killer looks with a pair of slinky stilettos. It can be hard not to get out your selfie stick and create a furor on Instagram.


Just because you are practicing social distancing and keeping to your home to keep safe from the coronavirus pandemic, it is no reason why you should let up on your sizzling looks. Scan your wardrobe for simple, comfortable, and at the same time, elegant clothes that you know that you look good in. Wear light accessories and put on some simple makeup to get your style quotient zooming.