What makes the Sitecore best option for marketing automation?

Over 3200 big names currently use Sitecore to power their content and websites. The Sitecore Digital Experience database enables them to leverage a wide range of products. Business owners, marketers, and IT teams can finally access consumer data in real-time, analyze it and act by it. Sitecore along with Sitecore support brings with it the advantage of extensive customization and personalization.

What are customer personalization and marketing automation?

Personalization not only pleases the consumers by providing them with an experience they like, but it also improves the performance of the websites and pleases the marketers and the development team(s). Here’s what extensive personalization can do for you –

  1. Delivering a relevant experience consumer experience to each website visitor.
  2. “Remembering” each user and delivering an experienced based on his or her previous navigation preferences.
  • Getting a working idea of the likes and dislikes of the visitors from their explicit and implicit behavior on the site.

The personalization options on Sitecore allow the users to utilize the visitor’s implicit behavior, like his or her choice of pages while browsing, to predict the preferences of the visitors. It enables you to present only relevant information to the individual user including the products or services he or she might like. Fine-tuning the user experience on your website can help you improve your search engine optimization (SEO) by increasing your dwell time, reducing the bounce rate and improve your site’s overall search engine ranking. Currently, only about 45% of customer service companies in the US and UK have the infrastructure to provide a completely personalized experience to their customers.

Creating a relevant experience for a user every time increases the chances of conversion. The personalization of content is the time-tested technique of improving the trustworthiness, reliability, and credibility of a website. All of these factors contribute to a direct improvement of your website’s SEO and overall performance. Customers tend to trust companies that can keep their data safe, and at the same time use that data to craft bespoke experiences for them. When a marketer leverages one or multiple tools to automate this personalization process, it becomes marketing automation.

How does personalization work with Sitecore?

  • Sitecore allows the users to set up individual personas for each visitor type. It is similar to the buyer personas most marketers create during their marketing campaigns. However, Sitecore allows you to do that in a more organized fashion than other CMS platforms by unifying the data sources and content repositories.
  • Once a visitor begins interacting with the site content, the identification process begins.
  • The classification of each visitor depends on which set persona he or she closely matches.
  • Parts of a page or an entire page can change dynamically to present relevant content including pertaining offers and products to this particular visitor.

The constant interaction of the visitor with the website content helps Sitecore learn more about their preferences. It attempts at understanding the visitor’s intent to present the most suitable content to them. So, whether it is a school site or an e-commerce site, Sitecore is the best option to acquire a new customer.

How has Sitecore revolutionized marketing automation in recent times?

Sitecore has brought forth a critical point in the automation of marketing. Marketing automation is the process of leveraging ready-to-use setups and tools to complete marketing tasks within a short period, which could take days or even weeks to complete. One of the simplest examples of marketing automation is sending out congratulatory emails on birthdays and anniversaries of the customers. Have you ever received personalized emails with your name, age and offer coupons on the day of your birthday? Almost everyone has received at least one in the last year, and it is a blessing of marketing automation.

With Sitecore, you can do a lot more than send out personalized emails on birthdays or anniversaries. This CMS takes out the option of manually monitoring data repositories and pulling information from the excel sheets for optimizing marketing strategies. After the acquisition of Stylelabs, Sitecore has become a powerful CMS, Marketing Resource Management (MRM) cum Data Asset Management (DAM) tool. As we have mentioned before, the marketing automation features of Sitecore enables the separation of visitors based on their browsing traits.

Any webmaster or marketing expert can argue that marketing automation has been here for a while. However, before Sitecore, finding MRM, CRM, CMS and DAM functionalities on one platform has not only been difficult, but impossible. The advent of the new Sitecore versions and their updates has brought forth new modules and components that enable the creation of new automation rules. It has allowed the use of machine learning to smoothen out the process of automation. Marketing automation and machine learning should always go hand-in-hand, and Sitecore is finally making it possible for e-commerce sites on a budget to experience the future of marketing.

The Sitecore marketing automation tool has a collection of tool subsets. You can expect the following while using it –

  • A decision-making tool – while it does not make the decisions for the marketers, it leverages the data from events and actions to highlight the most favorable outcome for a customer.
  • The evaluation tool – Sitecore Marketing Automation comes with the evaluation tool that can recognize events and the actions they elicit. They are completely capable of following the reactions and evaluate their presence.
  • The execution tool – this tool helps the user reach out to the visitors and potential customers. It opens channels for personal communication based on customer history and aids in building their profile.
  • The orchestration tool – this tool plus into the Sitecore X connect. It manages multiple journeys across all available channels.

What makes Sitecore ubiquitous to marketing automation?

Sitecore is a native and marketing-intensive tool that makes marketing automation an inherent part of any marketing campaign. The automation process remains organic thanks to the petabytes of data this CMS cum DAM can store and review. It has the power to access and leverage customer journey information to create brand new experiences for old visitors and the new. It has managed to unify every aspect of online marketing and serve it to the marketers and developers in one, neat, user-friendly package.