When to Opt for Outpatient Surgical Center & Things to Consider

One of the greatest testaments to the success of modern medicine is the reduction in both the duration. And also the frequency of hospital visits on average for patients globally. Recent times have also seen an uptick in the number and availability of same-day outpatient procedures. For a variety of conditions. While several hospitals have integrated outpatient departments for this purpose, many patients have placed. Their trust in ASCs or ambulatory surgery center.

As per https://edition.cnn.com, humanity seems to be encountering a major global surgery crisis. As per a report published by The Lancet Commission in 2015, there were around 5 million people worldwide. Who have no access to affordable and safe anesthesia care and also surgical facilities.

However, the surgical centers handle an overwhelming 70% of all surgeries in the US according to a CMS report dated July 2017. While the vast majority of them are reliable and also efficient. There are some things you should keep in mind when picking the perfect option for your next procedure.

The Outpatient Surgery Trend

A report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in February 2017 suggests that outpatient surgeries have seen steady growth in adoption since the 1980s. This has been spurred on by technological advancements in the medical field as well as improvements in analgesics and anesthesia available to patients. Researchers have come up with a variety of non-invasive and also minimally invasive procedures for doctors can perform in their own offices or small clinics instead of full-fledged hospital facilities. ASCs provide the same procedures in a cost-effective and also convenient manner, taking good care of both the patient as well as the healthcare providers.

Procedures Work

When you are deciding where to go for your next procedure. It is worth keeping in mind that not all procedures work in an outpatient setting. And also irrespective of your preference, some procedures might require you to stay for a while after completion. A number of factors are at play here, including your body weight, pre-existing conditions. The success of the procedure, vital signs, and secondary conditions post-procedure. And also what kind of support system you have at home. It is vital that you speak in-depth. To your doctor before making a decision and also pay heed to their opinion as well as that of the person performing the procedure.

Things to Consider While Opting for an Outpatient Surgical Center

When you get your doctor’s recommendation for outpatient surgery, you need to next determine the best surgical center for catering to your unique clinical and financial requirements.

Check Out the Treatment Offerings

Each surgical center is equipped with a specific team, supplies, and also equipment that could deliver certain services. That is generally provided by the typical outpatient surgery centers. You need to make sure that the surgical center you are opting for has the right staff and necessary. Equipment or resources to handle your kind of surgery.

Location Is the Key

When you are evaluating and comparing surgical centers that offer the surgical procedure you need, remember location is a key determining factor. You need to make a practical choice. Some surgical centers may not at all be a practical option. Even though they provide the procedure you are looking for. Choose a surgical center that is located in close proximity to your house. It would be easier transporting you to and also from the center. Proximity to your home and transportation availability is the important deciding factor. Moreover, you need to choose a surgical center that offers you a robust post-operative support system.


Do a background check on your surgeon. He must be good or at least, average in terms of patient satisfaction, caseload volume, and complication rate. It is a wise decision to choose a surgical center that is attached to a reputed hospital system. The outpatient surgical center you are opting for must have all the necessary licenses and accreditations. You could get positive results and faster recovery provided you are well-prepared for the surgery.