Work from Home for Coronavirus Task Force Unit after Member Test Positive for Coronavirus

Until now, the coronavirus has affected 212 countries force and territories across the world, which shows the scale of the pandemic that has sent billions of people into lockdown, and health services are struggling to cope. The first case of the coronavirus appeared in China last year and since then spread fast and far and wide across the world that compelled the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare it a pandemic. The US technology companies were among the first business organizations to allow its employees to work from home amid the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that has engulfed the United States and has devasted several nations across the continents.

Changing lives and livelihood

Coronavirus has not only endangered human health but also changed the way we live and work, as evident from the norm of following strict social distancing that will change our social interactions and the way we mix. In the same way, working from offices, which until now is the accepted mode of business operations, is all set to change as work from home holds the center stage amid the pandemic. The encouragement for work from home comes with the social benefit of preventing the spread of infection and disease, which normally spreads through droplets produced as a result of sneezing or coughing of a person infected with the coronavirus.

Work from home for Covid warriors

To combat the coronavirus, the American government has set up several task forces that provide the support system for the frontline warriors comprising of health workers, doctors, and nurses. The larger coronavirus task force members have many subgroups that work from behind the scenes and provide valuable support in various areas, including supply chain and logistics, to look after the operations to obtain, shipping, as well as distributing products to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Although the task force members are less susceptible to contracting the infection, they are yet not able to escape it, as evident from the report that a member of the Supply Chain Resilience task force has tested positive for the virus.

This has compelled the administration to order the members of the White House task force to work from home to prevent any further spread of infection. The order came in the form of an email sent out by the officials of the Federal Emergency Management Agency shortly after 11 pm on Monday, April 6.

The order in detail

The order clearly states that the members of the Supply Chain Resilience task force located on a specific floor of one of the buildings occupied by the agency and the FEMA Conference Center are advised to telework.  The personnel or partner who tested positive had visited FEMA headquarters previously.

Headed by Rear Admiral, John Polowczyk, the Supply Chain Resilience task force is responsible for finding as well as allocating PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other materials required for fighting the coronavirus. Polowczyk and other members of the supply chain unit we the recipients of the email.