10 Reasons why everyone is Using Twitter Right Now (And How You Can Too!)

As per the latest survey, every third person in the US is diagnosed with Twitter Addiction. Twitter silently took over our lives without us even knowing it. It sneakily crept into our brains and has now completely seized control of its pathways. Every celebrity, politician, economist, and regular Joe is using this platform to connect with people across the globe. Twitter has become a popular marketing tool for big brands, celebrities, etc. And so are you!

So if you have not joined Twitter yet or have just signed up but aren’t getting results then this article will show you some insights on how to use Twitter efficiently to help your business grow

Twitter marketing can be very helpful in gaining the interest of potential clients that are looking for certain products etc… You can then try to reach out to them through direct messaging or even publicly by tweeting about your products and services.

1) Take advantage of social proof:

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that works on the idea that people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a situation.  People look towards others to see how they should act and what they should do. This is why companies like Uber, Lyft, etc… Give first-time users free rides until they get comfortable with their product/app as well as pay their drivers more than minimum wage.

2) Facebook + Twitter = More Reach to advertise your services.

Do you have a Facebook page? If yes, then it would be really helpful if you promote your Twitter account so people can easily find out the Twitter handle of your company/business. Once they are on your Twitter page, they will instantly see all the things that you share on Facebook as well. This way there is an instant connection between 2 accounts and people are more likely to follow you or retweet something that interests them etc.

3) Twitter is a Re-tweet-friendly platform

A lot of people use Twitter daily and as such, the number of daily tweets is increasing as well. This increases your chances of getting more exposure on Twitter as you can re-tweet or reply to someone’s tweet that might interest your followers as well!

4) You can Tweet pictures:

Ever thought about why pictures work so much better than words? It is because we humans process images faster than text. According to research, it has been found that we humans tend to remember an image for a longer time rather than any written thing. So instead of tweeting “The Avengers Movie looks great” you should say “! Look at this amazing picture from The Avengers movie I saw!” or tweet something like “How can I not look amazing in this picture with my favorite Avenger?”

5) Twitter is the second largest search engine

Use hashtags to make you findable on Twitter. Hashtags are used mostly by people looking for information on any specific topic (for example, #health tips or #fitness, etc…). You can use Twitter’s advanced search tool to find relevant conversations and trending topics that might help you gain more exposure.

6) Don’t be shy about tweeting links

Use easy-to-remember usernames so others can easily find you if they want to follow you on Twitter. There are websites available where you can buy good usernames but if you have some time then create your own username based on your company or business name, etc…

7) Use analytics to track growth

Analytics is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. It gives you an idea about how well your efforts are going and what strategy you should change in order to get better results. You can use Google Analytics or any other similar tool that might be useful for you. To see which content performs the best and how many people were affect by it. These analytics also help a lot when making a business decision on whether or not something is working out for you so you can change tactics if something isn’t working.

8) Twitter ads! View this video from Twitter’s official channel

9) Great customer service

You can always reach out to people directly through Twitter and ask for their feedback or help in resolving any issues they might have. Try this with companies such as @ebay, @Amazon and you will see how amazing the customer service is. This is important if you want to make a good impression on your customers and keep them loyal!

10) Tell a story

 People love stories related to anything they find interesting enough to follow on Twitter. If you have a great one then tweet it at just the right time so it doesn’t get drowned out in all other tweets that people might be reading at that moment.


It’s very cleverly done and even if it’s just an infographic, it gives some amazing tips on how to get better exposure on Twitter. We hope you enjoy it! You can find more great infographics on their website or follow them on Twitter to get updates when they release new infographics!