10 Things you did not know about Your Dog until It Started Bringing Home Decor Pieces it Found around the Neighborhood

Dogs have been our best friends for ages. They not only put up with us, but also risk their lives to defend us from foreign threats and dangerous animals. They never complain about anything we do to them, so it is fair enough that we should return the favor by praising them a little bit more than usual.

If you think your dog is the best thing since sliced bread, then this list might seem a lot condescending – at first.

But you need to know that these things almost every dog owner knows deep inside but cannot explain or prove as such:

1) Dogs are much better than babies (Unless you like having people’s bodily fluids all over you).

That’s right. A simple walk with your dog around the block will make you feel much more fulfilled, relaxed and rejuvenated than taking your baby for a stroll. While babies are drooling all over the place, dogs are playing with their friends or just being completely lazy.

2) Dogs understand why they are not allowed to pee on the carpet.

This usually happens when they come back from an exciting walk around town or when they finally manage to go outside after holding it for ages. They have that guilty look on their face which makes us think that they distinguish between right and wrong. It is actually just because of conditioning – but still, quite impressive!

3) Dogs don’t care about what type of music we play in our house as long as there’s music playing.

While many people insist that dogs can hear lots of high-pitched sounds we cannot, the fact is that they don’t really care as long as there’s some kind of music playing. If you have a party at home and play the radio, your dog will be fine with it – but if you turn on Justin Bieber, then your canine friend might leave the house and never come back!

4) Dogs also know which friends to make.

They always stay away from those who treat them badly or try to bully them whenever they feel comfortable around somebody else. You can teach them not to go near certain people by saying a word they associate with it every time those people show up. In addition, most dogs choose their owners based on how much attention they get, so make sure you pay them enough attention when choosing a dog.

5) Dogs can see in black and white.

This is very important for their survival since they track the movement of their prey by using shades and contrasts rather than colors. You might not think that your pooch is very critical when it comes to shades, but he actually knows which shade belongs to what animal and will use this instinct to hunt them down!

6) Dogs know which spot in the bed has the best sunlight throughout the day.

This one goes out to all those people who decided to steal their dogs’ favorite spot during these cold winter nights: take note that he/she will find a way to retaliate. There’s no such thing as ‘my spot’ in their vocabulary!

7) Dogs know exactly how much they weigh.

Ever wondered why your dog gets super excited when you get on the scale and then just stands there staring at you after you got off? Well, he is actually wondering whether it would be a good idea to jump on and find out just how much he weighs – but this is more of a one-time thing since he’d never do it again unless something really changed. Once you get on, his behavior becomes normal for him again.

8) Dog know which ones are more than enough chew toys.

Dogs can chew about anything, so always make sure that they have lots of safe chew toys around the house so they don’t go near your furniture or shoes. They know perfectly well what they can and cannot chew on, but they might get bored of their toys at some point so make sure you change it up every once in a while!

9) Dogs understand when things are too loud.

Dogs have super sensitive hearing just like us, so when your dog gets really upset about the sound of fireworks during New Year’s or 4th of July then that means he is just as afraid as you are. The only difference is that you will be able to do something about it by turning off the TV or shutting down the windows whereas he won’t…

10) Dogs sleep with one eye open, so don’t worry if you catch him staring blankly at nothing for hours.

This just means that he’s actually sleeping and that he knows when you’re coming to wake him up, so don’t take it personally! This behavior is called ‘kennel sleep’ and it serves an evolutionary purpose since dogs used to spend a lot of time in kennels. They look like they are awake the whole time but they maintain an awareness of what’s going on around them.


Even if you think that your pooch is not as clever as others, he actually is! He might not be able to solve complex problems like dogs in the wild do, but there are plenty of things you can teach him at home. And it’s also thanks to these amazing abilities that they have managed to survive for so long.