10 Ways Your Home Decor is annoying Your Pets

Here are 10 Ways Your Home Decor is annoying Your Pets:

1. Don’t let your cat sleep on the bed ever!

Your cat may be using your body as a scratching post while you’re sleeping, or even worse eating your hair and depositing it somewhere in the house (my wife’s favorite hiding spot for her hair is inside my pillow). The list of things that pets take to bite and smother in their fur to hide then drag out into the open is endless: food, toys, computer cables, power cords, bath towels… You get the idea about where this is going.

2. Keep the toilet lid closed

Cats like water and will often drink from an open toilet bowl. This can lead to costly visits to the vet if they contract something from contaminants found in the bowl.

3. Keep your pets out of certain rooms when you are entertaining or when you are working around dangerous chemicals.

While it is great when your pet wants to hang around with you in the garage, this can lead to problems if they are exposed to dangerous chemicals used for car maintenance, painting etc… It’s also not a good idea to have them in the kitchen if you’re cooking something spicy! A dog licking your feet may be cute but that foot may have just touched some garlic or onion which will cause the dog to foam at the mouth and lose their breath – not cute. Cats can get hairballs from using uncovered litter boxes so put lids on them. If your cat likes scratching upholstery or carpets, try providing them with a scratching post instead.

4. Make sure your pet’s collar fits properly.

When you purchase new clothes for your cat, make sure to give them some time to acclimate themselves to it before expecting them not to chew on it or claw at it!

5. if one of your pets is always trying to get into or under the bed, consider getting them a pet ramp so they can easily access their favorite napping area.  

6. Don’t cut down trees that are too close to the house especially if they have low hanging branches!!

Your cat may climb up there and never be able to come back down again – I think this is why my neighbor’s cat jumps onto the roof every time she sees me outside which is weird because up until now I was just another random guy that likes to mow his lawn early in the morning.

7. Don’t put plants around furniture or other items that your cat will want to chew on –

My wife’s grandma used to have a problem with this too but once they got rid of the plants, her cat stopped chewing on things she wasn’t supposed to be chewing on. If you notice your pets are always trying to chew things up, take them away from the pet and try replacing what they’ve chewed with something more acceptable like a post covered in sisal rope for cats. It will also help if you invest in some durable toys for your pets and rotate them frequently. See article: “What is the best durable cat toys?

8. Don’t leave toilet paper exposed while you’re not at home! 

I think this falls under ‘common sense but we’ve all been there or know someone who has done this, hence why it’s on the list ^_^

9. Have a litter box for each pet — and scoop daily!

The number of litter boxes should be equal to the number of cats in your household plus one more. Do not use covered litter boxes as they can cause problems with their lack of aeration and can also trap smells inside making things worse than what you started with. 10. If your pet sleeps outside, make sure they have a warm area –

Cats can get frostbite just like dogs in winter! It’s a good idea to double-check your pet shelter or make sure it has enough room for them to move around in and keep warm. Make sure when you make an outdoor cat shelter, you pick a shaded area.


While there are a number of problems that we humans have to deal with, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that our pets and other animals suffer from many of these issues as well. I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new along the way! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve had any similar experiences with your pets!