4 Best Original Series of Amazon Prime

There is no denying the fact that there are several streaming platforms that have started gaining popularity. So it is not hidden that Amazon prime video is going to stand out for the best subscription model that it has. You must have knowledge about the best possible series. That present on Amazon prime video so that you can binge-watch the ones that you love the most. Therefore, below is a list of the ideal Amazon Prime original series you should know of.

The Man in the High Castle

This story is primarily based on the novel by Philip K. Dick. The story asks one grave but extremely important question, It is, what would the globe be like if the Axis powers. It is in between the winners of World War II, and the answer is extremely grim.

However, the plot is set back in 1962, where Japanese and Nazi Germany are ruling the complete world. These super nations have split the United States So, the story revolves around the characters and their lives. It is as they start discovering footages that depict that the Axis powers lost the war. After that, they discover this transmitted from parallel universes also created by one certain traveller, whom they called The Man in the High Castle. In the final season, the series is paying homage to the novel, while working on the expansion of the storyline.

The Boys

The Boys is one of the amazing series, therefore it takes a completely different take on the world. People with superpowers referred to as celebrities, selling their products, brands. The most significantly, phony personas, as if they are Instagram influencers or athletes. The group, which was led by Billy Butcher and also other vigilantes, take the responsibility of keeping the corruption of superheroes in check. As the story progresses, the boys understand the corruption associated with superheroes and how their lives have been affected.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This is a comedy-drama, which is set back in 1958. It is also the story revolves around a young housewife. Miriam Maisel, and her husband, who is both a salesman and a crappy comedian, who makes her his secretary. Miriam was drunk. He drops into the comedic haunt of her husband. She gave a controversial and impromptu performance, which cracked everyone up.

Later on, she was primarily arrested for obscenity, where Lenny Bruce was arrested on similar grounds. She is inspired to take on comedy as a career, and settles on the names “Mrs. Maisel.” Miriam along with her kids decides to move into her parents’ house, and she has a day job and studies the best comics when free. This series focuses on gender equality to a great extent.

The Tick

The Tick is also an amazingly original series, which is cool, funny, and extremely interesting. The Tick is a great series, which has the voice of Darth Maul. He always dressed in extremely blue tights in pseudonymous roles of a famous superhero. It named after a particular blood-sucking insect.

You should make a list of the best series so that you can watch them when you are free and you are interested in relaxing. Make sure that you watch all the famous series that have been listed above.