7 Signs your House is Haunted and You Need to Sell Immediately

Alright, so you had a little spooky Haunted experience last night. Or the house was cold all of a sudden for no reason or there are strange noises coming from places they shouldn’t be coming from? Want to know the scariest part about it? It’s not over yet and there is probably much more where that came from, especially if you live in an old wood house. The good news is; these scary experiences can actually make you rich when you sell your home! [Otherwise known as “Get Out!”]

There’s nothing like a dose of red flag warnings about your home to get your feet moving. The last thing you want is a ghostly entity following you into the real estate market and haunting your transactions with nonstop phone calls, false offers or worse yet – going so far as to possess a buyer’s Realtor.

For a lot of people, a haunted house can be a hard secret to keep. If you’re getting weird feelings from somewhere in the house, it might actually be worth checking out the history of your property for any contentious circumstances that may have occurred there before.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you… if you proceed without caution, these are signs that could indicate someone – or something – has been waiting for YOU!

1) You never see an open house sign outside, but there are plenty of cars parked outside.

2) Your Realtor’s face suddenly drops when they see the house, although they’re smiling at all their other listings.

3) You hear whispers, or disembodied voices coming from corners of the house that shouldn’t be occupied.

4) The house is colder than it should be for no reason even though the heaters are on.

5) Unexplained footsteps can be heard in places where there shouldn’t be anyone walking around.

6) Objects move by themselves – like someone trying to send you a sign!

7) Doors open and close without warning – especially if you’re watching television! Now that you’ve seen & heard enough; do you really need to ask if you have a ghost in your house?

Haunted houses are known for being the scariest type of real estate transaction, so you might want to think twice before selling! Although it’s not impossible, it is rather challenging. It will take time and money to rid the home of its spooky guests. Some agents may end up refusing to show or sell your property due to their own fears or experiences with past owners who weren’t able to get rid of the poltergeists.


How do I get rid of the ghosts in my house?

Finding a way to communicate with them is often the first step. Perhaps they are looking for something or have unfinished business there. Try inviting them to leave with you through your local church, if they aren’t too angry at being disturbed from their slumber!

If you don’t want to that route, then perhaps hiring a real Psychic like John Edwards might be an option that works better for you.

Do Realtors believe in ghosts?

Realtors know what can happen without knowing why; it’s part of the job description! Only about 1/3 actually admit they’ve had any experiences, however (known as “cold reading”) – which is almost like a magician’s trick to get people to open up and give away the answers. The rest just keep it secret, so no one will think they’re crazy!

How do I know if my house is haunted?

If you’ve been experiencing unexplained events over a period of time, or have been seeing apparitions lurking in corners or shadows – there’s a great chance you have a ghost! This might also explain why your Realtor is smiling at all their other listings… but not yours 😉

Do spirits only haunt houses? What about condos & co-ops?

They can haunt any type of real estate property; not just homes. However, some properties are more likely than others because of what areas they occupy (i.e. cemeteries, churches, prisons, etc.)

Do real estate agents make an extra commission if I sell my haunted house?

No! However, some might offer to compensate the ghost in exchange for their departure with you when you leave… Because they know that can be a REAL struggle!


The signs are all there if you look closely enough. Ask yourself, do I have a ghost – or ‘spirits’? Better yet, let your mind wander… who’s to say they aren’t waiting for YOU!

We’ve described the most common signs real estate agents will be able to spot in haunted houses before you even think about it! If you’re curious whether any of these haunting might affect your property value, feel free to contact us today for a FREE home evaluation.