8 simple bathroom interior design ideas

The bathroom is a small room that usually has not much storage space. That’s why it’s important to think carefully about what you want to store in the bathroom and how you manage your stuff. After all, the storage solutions will determine the functionality of your bathroom. So, if you have a lot of stuff, then it might be worthwhile to consider whether or not you need all that in your bathroom!

If you don’t have too many things for your bathroom, then try these 5 simple design ideas:

1) Use a bigger storage vessel instead of several smaller ones

This tip is an oldie but Goldie! A big storage vessel does take up more space than several smaller ones, but on the other hand – it also makes your bathroom look more luxurious. You can use this for example for storing bath foam, shampoo, conditioner etcetera.

2) Wooden bath rails are always a winner

I know it sounds simple but wooden bath rails are actually very functional! The good thing about these is that you don’t only store all kind of stuff on them – they also dry your towels quickly after showering. And do note that the wood should be untreated which makes it easy to paint any color you want to match your personal style. Also read: 25 ways to enhance small spaces

3) Use modular panels instead of just using wallpaper

You’re probably sick and tired of seeing tiles in bathrooms with horrible patterns and/or colors? Modular panels could be what you’re looking for then! Use tiles with one single color that match the theme of your bathroom. If you want to, you can always use wallpapers between the tiles but don’t overdo it because they are not waterproof – which means that they’ll be ruined by just a few drops of water.

4) Don’t forget about mirrors!

Adding simple mirror panels to your wall is easy and inexpensive. This will give your bathroom more space without spending too much money on it. There are many different kinds of mirrors so choose whatever suits your taste best. Also read: How to plan a modern home

5) Install towel hangers made out of wood or metal

If you have no wooden bath rails then this tip might come in handy. Install towel hangers on your bathroom walls and not just that – paint them in a color that matches the colors of your bathroom and they’ll fit right in! Also read: 30 simple interior design ideas for small homes.

6) Use small baskets for storing stuff

This idea is very useful when you don’t like the look of bulky storage solutions. Simply find some really small storage baskets – the smaller they are the better! Put them in your bathroom and store away your shampoo, shaving cream or even bath foam. This way your bathroom will still look nice but at the same time it’ll be functional! Also read: How to decorate a living room

7) Install glass shelves instead of ordinary ones

Glass shelves are very modern which makes them perfect for bathrooms with modern design schemes. You can use these for example to put perfume bottles or other kinds of jars on top – these are things that don’t really need much space anyway so putting them on glass shelves won’t take up a lot of room.

8) Pick brightly colored accessories

This tip is perfect for bathrooms with simple design schemes – don’t overdo it though! Use brightly colored accessories and decorate your bathroom walls with wallpaper that has a matching color scheme to make your bathroom look more cheerful and vibrant. Also read: How to choose the right kitchen countertop material. This way you will create a fresh, lively atmosphere that’ll be sure to uplift your mood after showering! So what do you think about those 8 tips? Have any other tips which help enhance the functionality of small bathrooms?


By using some or even all of the tips in this article you’ll definitely be able to make your small bathroom feel bigger and more functional! And please keep in mind that these are just basic suggestions so feel free to add anything you feel like – maybe there’s something we haven’t thought of yet? Be creative and create the bathroom of your dreams with a little help from us! So what do you think about those 8 tips? Have any other tips which help enhance the functionality of small bathrooms?