A Tornado Is Expected to Impact Millions of People in South This Thursday

Tornados and severe thunderstorms are forecasted to hit some portions of eastern Georgia northeast through North Carolina. According to the National Weather Service, a tornado, wind damage, and large hail are expected on Thursday, as far as Florida and Virginia, during the mid-morning hours. Even though almost 16 million people living in the Southeast may witness powerful storms, the Storm Prediction Center claims that an area of approximately 3 million extending from southeast Arkansas and northeast Louisiana through Mississippi into Alabama seems to be at high alert for huge twisters that will remain on the ground extending for miles. There could be destructive hail and gusty winds of approximately 80 mph. More than 40 million people in the United States are falling on the track of destructive and fierce storms.

Yet another Natural Calamity across Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee

A high-risk warning has been issuing by the Storm Prediction Center based in Norman Oklahoma, for a bigger part of central Mississippi, a slice of western Alabama. A relatively small portion of northeast Louisiana, and also a tiny section of southeast Arkansas. Similarly, As per the Storm Prediction Center, there could be widespread severe storms that have the potential of triggering very large hail, highly-destructive wind gusts, and tornadoes. A prediction that there could be multiple rounds of devastating or severe storms. Across sections of Mississippi and Alabama between afternoon and overnight hours. Millions of Americans are getting ready to encounter another devastating weather outbreak tomorrow. 

Hardly a week has passed, since the region was hit by dozens of tornadoes.

Long-Track Powerful Tornadoes Set to Hit the Region

According to USA Today, many long-track powerful tornadoes, destructive wind gusts, and also large hail are possible this Thursday. Long-track tornadoes seem to be twisters carving up the ground and extending for many miles. They often cause major devastation. In addition, As per the latest weather forecast, there is an enhanced risk in terms of severe storms. Impacting Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alabama. Also, It is a level 3 warning and implies that many severe storms. May hit the region with damaging winds, several tornadoes, and hail are likely. Around 50 million Americans could have an impact by this natural disaster. Extending across Alabama, Birmingham, Mississippi, Nashville, Jackson, and Memphis. We understand that in the worst-case scenario, there could be a powerful and violent tornado (EF-4). 

How to get ready for the Tornadoes?

As per a noted meteorologist, it is a good idea to have not just one but more warning systems strategically in place if severe weather strikes. Particularly at night, but tornado sirens may not be effective in waking you up. Hence, people in the path of disastrous tornados must think of other ways of staying weather-aware. However, the threat of devastating weather conditions will be going down once the storm system gradually moves eastwards on Friday.

Given the severe weather prediction, many state agencies and schools in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana will remain closed, or they may consider virtual attendance. Moreover, large vaccination clinics which are capable of giving shots to hundreds of people per hour were canceling in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Stay alert, stay indoors, and stay safe!