Actress Margot Robbie gets included in the all-female Pirates of the Caribbean after the lead Johnny Depp exits as Captain Jack Sparrow

The Pirates of the Caribbean movie is nothing less than a cult! Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean series are always clued into the latest updates and also changes about the film. The latest update says that actress Margot Robbie will star in a new Pirates of Caribbean movie series. According to the latest sources, this movie will be a complete spin-off of the earlier successful franchise. It’s all set to get an individual reboot that seems interesting and also intriguing.

What’s Margot Robbie’s part?

News sources suggest that the Australian actress Margot Robbie is all set to reunite with Christina Hodson, the writer of Birds of Prey for this female-fronted film. It will feature Margot as the movie lead replacing the iconic and legendary Captain Jack Sparrow’s character, essayed brilliantly by actor Johnny Depp.

A few grey areas that came up

This change is both sudden and interesting! Reacting to this, Johnny Depp’s attorney has earlier alleged that the actor got dropped without any notice by Disney. It happened right after the actor’s ex Amber Heard reported an op-ed with The Washington Post, mentioning of surviving abuse, from Johnny Depp. Keeping in mind all these occurrences and a few other in-house decisions, Sean Bailey of Disney had announced back in 2018, that there would be a separate reboot. And also that this reboot film will get written by none other than Rhett Reese and also Paul Wernick. From then the attempt was to work on a script that could do without Johnny Depp.

Bailey mentioned in the interviews that they are keen to rework and also present a film to their audience, with new vigor and plot. The Pirates of the Caribbean series’ central plot is exciting and also has entertained its global audience so far. But the reason to rope in Deadpool’s Rhett and Paul was to think of an interesting spin-off, which will make the audience watch out for something completely new. Speaking of Johnny Depp’s timeline on the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Stuart Beattie, the original screenwriter said, it was indeed one “great run.”

The movie and its business

The Pirates of the Caribbean series has been immensely successful. As a cinema franchise, it has surpassed $4.5 billion in its five different sequels. And also that had made the studio plan for a massive re-brand for a while. One of the primary reasons for this was that the latest Depp starring movies didn’t impress box-office as it did before. Back in 2017, “Dead Men Tell No Tales” ranked the second-lowest in the box office.

Hence, the plot detailing for Robbie’s new film is completely kept confidential for a while. However, one can imagine that the story will be unique and also perhaps based on the Disney theme park ride. According to the correct source, Jerry Bruckheimer, who had bought the first film of the series to the big screen, will again produce the reboot and the spin-off. One has to wait patiently and watch whether this new project turns out to be as promising and also entertaining as its past series, without the original Captain Jack Sparrow.