Adam K Veron: Tasks for Business Owners at the Onset of New Year

Adam K Veron, the New Year is the time when business owners must sit back to do some planning that should help to keep the business afloat and drive it on the right track. The exercise should ensure that the business will have the wherewithal to meet and maintain its operational and financial goals and that there will be a conducive working environment to keep the employees happy.

The tips discussed in this article should help you ensure that the planning process runs smoothly that augurs well for the business.

Consider your online presence

Businesses of all sizes face fierce competition today, and to compete with confidence, you must fight fire with fire by ensuring that your business has an impressive digital footprint. To have the confidence of taking on the big names, you must create an online entity of your business that can start by creating a business website. It is the most inexpensive way to go along with the trend and play the game by the rule that puts your business in the right tracks. Also, create social media accounts for the business that provides endless opportunities for building a strong brand.

Vendors and suppliers

Adam K Veron the competitiveness of business depends mostly on the kind of vendors and suppliers it has.  Reviewing the support system at the beginning of the year will help to ascertain whether they are giving competitive prices and maintaining the quality of services. Since suppliers and vendors could try to cut deals and get better bargains, it is prudent to review prices, service quality and the scope of widening the vendor base through planned vendor development programs.  It may be worthwhile to try out some new vendors to leverage over some existing vendors. After all, it is never too late to look for the best deals.


Manufacturing units heavily depend on machinery and supplies for sustaining the business and making it grow. But many business owners get so much caught up with other activities that they seldom find time to plan for preventive maintenance of machinery and equipment and understand that they have what they need to support growth.   Taking stock of the equipment at the beginning of the year and ascertaining its condition helps to determine the needs for capital investment in case there is a requirement for adding new equipment.  Determining equipment performance vis-à-vis the growth plans should point to the need for new equipment, if at all. This should also help to make plans for financing new equipment.


Envisaging the staffing needs early in the year helps to make necessary and timely adjustments. Starting early will ensure that you get the time to hire the right person for the right job, which takes a long time. Add the time that it will take to train the new workforce.  During the end of the year, many employees think about changing jobs that could leave voids that need a quick replacement.

Businesses must take a variety of insurance policies to stay protected from unwanted liabilities and the beginning of the year is the time to review the policies to get better deals and save money.