Beth Ann DeBouvre: Can you become an entrepreneur? Three questions to ponder

Beth Ann DeBouvre the journey of an entrepreneur is replete with challenges and insights! It’s exciting, but it’s also life-changing. And before you can plan it like a savings account, you find yourself in your entrepreneurial journey one fine day. But on most occasions, you need to undertake a positive, informative, and in-depth life-changing self-assessment. The obvious question to answer here is this – Should you become an entrepreneur?

The entrepreneurial decision

Primarily, two main actions can guide you when you ask yourself that question. The first is talking to your family and friends who know you well. They might be able to provide you with interesting and correct insights about you and your entrepreneurial journey. And the second is, if you don’t resonate with that, you can get into a self-seeking questionnaire and answer the same with complete honesty. It would be best if you also took your time to analyze all your answers. Know that there aren’t any wrong or correct answers. These are perspectives that will help you progress better as an entrepreneur.

Face the crucial questions

Beth Ann DeBouvre the truth is that almost everybody has it in them to become an entrepreneur. But not everyone has it in them to enjoy the journey, along with its highs and lows, wins and losses. The following questions will help you decide better:

How do you manage the fear of failure?

Fear of failure is common for everyone! Even a successful entrepreneur wouldn’t want to fail. Humans can’t exist without this fear. But as an entrepreneur, are you able to acknowledge this fear and work with it? Or do you get consumed by it and think you can’t progress ahead? It is essential to understand how you manage your fears. Successful entrepreneurs can learn from their failures and convert the same into a profitable business opportunity sooner or later.

Does the desire to innovate drive you?

Do you want to come up with a service or product that benefits the entire human race? If yes, then you need to get invested in studying the same. Also, you have to start thinking about innovative ways to attain the same as well. And in the process, you will make mistakes. However, entrepreneurs don’t get caught up with errors. They delve into the root that made them commit a mistake and learn ways to tackle the same. Hence, they are invested in continually creating and innovating and going past their mistakes.

Do you want to make a difference?

Entrepreneurs don’t stop at producing or conceptualizing a service or product! Their main objective is to create a social change. They want to make a difference in society with their creation and innovation. And this “change” needn’t come forcibly or in a planned way. The change occurs eventually, but the entrepreneur has a vision of it when he/she starts his journey. It could be a change of mindset about using paper or getting into the practice of using recycled goods and the like. And this change is a positive one, which elevates the standard of living and the way of thinking of people.

There are several other questions that you might want to ask yourself! However, if you can get answers to these three questions, you can decide better for your entrepreneurial journey.