Biden Asks for Crackdown on Assault Weapons in Latest Move on US Gun

Just one day after ten people die in a Colorado grocery store shooting. President Joe Biden has sworn to implement “common-sense steps” in a firearm crackdown move. The call for stricter gun control follows two incidents of a mass shooting in less than a week in America. Biden renewed his call for a ban on both deadly assault weapons. And high-capacity magazines. And exhorted Congress to pass bills to eliminate background check loopholes

Uphill Task for the President 

Despite the grave nature of the problem, the President will have his job of implementing stricter gun control cut out. Since the Second Amendment to the US Constitution gives an American citizen the right to carry arms. Also, It may be noted that while Democrats are in favor of stricter gun control rules given the spate of bloody mass shootings in America. Many Conservatives, view restrictions of any kind as an infringement of the constitutional right.

An American Issue, Not a Partisan One, Says Biden 

On Tuesday, the president said that he does not need to wait even a single minute to take what he calls common-sense steps for saving lives. And to request the members of the House and also Senate to act quickly. In addition, He pointed out how in 1994, he helped to bring an assault weapon ban that brought down mass killings. However, the legislation expired in 2004. The president said that it is not a partisan issue but an issue that will save American lives.

The president urged the Senate to quickly pass two legislative pieces already approved by the House of Representatives. That was aimed at making background checks on buyers of guns more stringent. However, even though Republicans in the Senate were opposed to the two measures, they were “open to the discussion”, said Mitch McConnell, a Republican leader in the Senate.

The US Senate is presently split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats, and the vice-president has the casting vote. As per the filibuster or the Senate rules currently in practice, at least 60 votes required for getting legislation through. Hence, some more Republican support will be in need. 

The President’s Deep Commitment to Curb Gun Violence

On Wednesday, Jen Psaki, the White House spokesperson, shares with reporters that President Joe Biden is passionate about gun control in the United States. And committed to implementing gun safety measures during his career. In addition, He firmly states that he is not recommending any change in or overturning of the Second Amendment. However, the focus is primarily on implementing common-sense steps and measures.

She goes on to add that anyone aware of the shootings and tragedies that took place across the nation will know for sure that the President has demonstrated unflinching commitment to gun control. 

A Difficult Proposition

However, in the opinion of a prominent reporter, gun control is difficult to put into practice. Similarly, We all know that on Tuesday, the US President asked the Senate to consider passing a federal ban on assault weapons. And mandatory gun-purchase background checks. It may sound easy, but certainly, it is an uphill task to implement. In fact, in the past, Democrats have always talked about implementing gun safety measures. To eliminate gun violence almost after every prominent mass shooting incident during the last 20 years or so.

Democratic aspirations are heading for a nosedive yet again because achieving 60 votes in favor of gun control in our Senate having just 100 seats is almost next to impossible. Moreover, the Republicans coming from some rural states cannot even think of supporting the new regulations. Because gun rights seem to be a crucial political issue in those states.