Brian C Jensen explains How To Create A Loving Environment For Your Child

The summer holidays are in and your kids are likely to spend the next few months with you at home according to Brian C Jensen. At school, children are within an educational environment and known to follow a consistent timetable. It is one that the teachers have really worked hard to maintain so children will have the best chance to learn.

The classrooms are organized to promote independence. So, if you can at least reflect some of these tricks at home, it will help to keep your children within the system and follow the same consistency in home. What all children need is a loving environment, which is safe and careful to develop positive relationships and self-esteem. There are some steps, which can actually help you to create a loving environment for the kid. So, let’s get on with the details.

Always choose your words wisely:

The child’s own self-esteem and self-image are linked to two things and those are peers and home life. The main contributor to poor self-image is the environment where your kids are growing up.

  • You need to create a positive homely place, where there won’t be a sign of negativity, if you want to bring positive lights in your kid’s life.
  • Using hurtful words or actions against your kid is not the right thing to do. Similarly, arguing continuously with your partner in front of the kid is not the best piece of advice to follow.

Praising all along the way:

According to Brian C Jensen, children thrive when they are positively praised and encouraged. Whenever they show positive behavior, it is important for the parents to reward them by specifically mentioning what they are actually rewarded for.

  • It will encourage them to want to do good things even more for the sake of getting more gifts and treats.
  • For example, in place of saying that “it is very good,” you have to be specific and say that “your painted picture is fantastic. I love the colors you have used and the details on the flowering.”

Your kind words will act more like a reward to their ears and they would try to perfect good deeds even more for the sake of getting more praises from your side.

Positive kids always need help to build a positive mindset:

Some of the words like fat, dumb, ugly, jerk and stupid should not have any place in your house. Even though kids might hear such words outside, they should stop at the door and should not use those within the safe space of family. You must punish them for using those words, just to prove what’s good and what’s bad.

  • Remember that your house is a safe haven for children and negative talk around them should not have any place in your house.
  • You can further try to eliminate or just limit electronics, movies, TV shows, music and social media that use negative language or terms.
  • You can try getting hands on positive affirmation cards for kids, which are gentle reminders of their innate super powers. It will help in reinforcing a positive mindset.

Model the behaviors that you want to see in kids:

You might have probably heard that the words you hear are the words you use. The same goes with children. Kids are like sponge who can grasp to everything they hear. So, you need to model the behavior you want to see around your home so that the kids can pick up from that.

  • Children always learn from their parents on how to treat others, how to act responsibly; talk to themselves and the right language to use.
  • So, trying to model positive behavior at home will demonstrate how you need to be caring, respectful, loving, confident and even positive in your own skin.
  • If you complain of looking ugly in front of your daughter, then you are literally infusing that work in your kid’s brain. That’s not what you should do.
  • Always remember that body confidence is as important as your self-confidence and it is something that parents can squash in child.
  • The personal kindness along with forgiveness that you extend to yourself, you will be extending to your kids as well.
  • In order to help your kids be positive and create their confidence level, you have to manage the way you speak aloud and internally to yourself. It helps you be a perfect role model for your little ones to follow.

Children are mostly perceptive. So, they are known to pick up on everything. Those little eyes and ears will look up to their parents as role model for interaction cues and behavior explains Brian C Jensen. So, try to be that perfect role model, which you want them to become while growing up.

Promote some activities such as gardening:

Children always need to be aware of all the ways they can help in contributing to the environment. So, try and encourage them to plant some more trees, which is a great way to teach the same ideal by involving them into gardening.

  • While they are going to water the plants, speak to them about how the trees and plants contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • Gardening will further teach your little kids to love and respect not just nature but all its living beings.
  • You can also plan to go out on a nature walk with your little ones as a whole family.
  • Always remember that kids learn faster through some fun-filled activities. So try to add those as much as you can to help them learn the value of life faster.

Get help from life coaches:

Sometimes, even parents need guidance to be the perfect role model for their kids. So, having a direct chat with reputed life coaches like Brian C Jensen will be the answer. Being a first time parent is tough, but with a little bit of guidance from experts, things will work out in the most planned out manner. You should start working on these tips, as mentioned above, now!