Car Rental Tips Savvy Leisure Travelers Use to Get Better Deals

When you are out for a vacation, there is nothing quite like rental a car to give you a truly liberating experience. However, unless you are savvy about how to rent a car. Read on to learn some really useful tips that can save you a lot of angst the next time you hire a car:

Choose the Right Kind of Vehicle

The choice of the vehicle can make or break your vacation. So, you need to figure out not only the size of the car but also whether you need a 4WD. Something you have no use for like GPS or a boat rack. Choosing the smallest car with the features you want, is the best way of saving money on the hire charges, insurance, and also gas.

Shop Around Before Booking

Don’t consider only the large and well-known car rental companies: depending on where you are going, local car rental Christchurch companies can often offer better rates. However, do read up on the reviews before confirming. Shopping around on the rental company websites, and checking out rental aggregators. And also other travel sites can invariably get you better deals and also discounts compared. To booking direct at the counter. Even searching online for promotional coupons can save you a packet. If you rent cars frequently, think about joining their loyalty program. Apart from discounts, you can get privileges like not having to queue up at the counter or filling up paperwork, or even getting free upgrades.

Get a Grip on the T&C

Make it a point to know the terms and also conditions before reserving the car. According to, you should ask specifically about the restrictions and hidden fees. For instance, the applicable charges for extra drivers and what their minimum age should be, how long they will hold your booking if you are delayed. And also whether they will charge you for a no-show. Find out if there are restrictions on crossing state or international borders. In case you are renting for one-way travel, be sure to inquire about the drop-off charges as they are usually exorbitant.


You should know that the attractive rates advertised are not what you will typically end up paying. The actual charge will include taxes, fees for additional drivers, insurance, airport surcharges, drop-off-charges, gas bills, etc. Know that when you are booking online, the offer is valid only for a short window and can change significantly in response to demand soon after. Fill up on gas before returning it so that you are not charged premium gas rates by the agency. Be sure to have the car inspected for damage in the presence of the attendant before you take delivery and after you return it, otherwise it will get charged to you.