Carmelo Anthony Proved that He Is the Best and Leads Blazers

Yes, Carmelo Anthony returned to the National Basketball Association or NBA to prove that he is the best. Carmelo scored 25 points in the fourth game of this season, while McCollum made 21 points, thus the Portland Trail Blazers defeated Chicago Bulls successfully. Anthony felt humble though, and it is proof of his hard work and dedication all this time. He cited that he felt great physically and mentally.

As of now, Carmelo Anthony has 25,615 points to his credit and moving past Alex English with 26,613 career points. Carmelo ranks 18th on NBA’s scoring list. According to the basketball player, these things shouldn’t be taken for granted. When a player is away from a game, these little achievements begin to make more sense than ever.

Damian Lillard had 13 points with 12 assists while contending with Portland. LaVine of Chicago had 18 points that dropped 2 of 3. LaVine was merely one for five on 3-pointers after two days, managing to make 13 of 17. However, he did score a career-high of 49 points on Saturday at Charlotte. LaVine cited that they played well with a defensive team. Portland defeated them from the other end and therefore, Chicago could not fight and lost.

An agreement

Carmelo of Trail Blazers signed an agreement on November 19 and got off with a quick start making 12 points in the initial six-and-a-half minutes of the basketball game. Then, Chicago led 28-27 at the close of the 1st quarter before Carmelo’s team took command and the Blazers did lead by 13 points before the Bulls could make 11 right away to pull and contained by 50-48. Portland closed the early half having a 12-6 spurt for a 62-54 halftime benefit.

Blazers again progressed further in the third, making a 90-68 benefit, the big achievement in the game. Carmelo Anthony did hit a three-pointer to move ahead English and offer Portland an amazing 100-77 lead. The 35-year old basketball player left the game soon after it. Then, the United Center began shouting, “We want Anthony amidst the fourth”. The Blazers team did lead by 28 points.

Anthony’s homecoming

Carmelo was in principle a Bull for a period of 10 days the previous season after a trade made for pay cap reasons. Anthony never played the game prior to being waived a little time later. He cited that he was all the time connected to Chicago away. In fact, for several years, Carmelo’s name was associated with the Bulls. When he was further asked whether he wanted to play for Chicago Bulls, Anthony replied that the other team never asked him to do so.

Carmelo’s performance in the game was commendable. He truly deserves a pat on his back for his performance on the field. It was his dedication and focus to make the Blazers win the game. The nation needs players like Carmelo, who did beat Chicago Bulls successfully. What are your views about Anthony? Or do you support the Bulls team? Which player from the opponent team do you think can compete with Carmelo?