Considering Kodi Media Player and Free VPNs to Use with Kodi

Kodi is an open-source media center, which is an award-winning platform you can use to access a wide range of videos, music, and other media contents from across the globe. You can also view live TV by using functional add-ons with Kodi.

Kodi is actually designed as a home theater concept with a 10-ft interface than being a small monitor while sitting at your desk. As things are designed like a home theatre experience, the best mode of interacting with Kodi is by using a remote control.

Kodi library

The major feature which makes Kodi a great tool is its ability to render a wide range of media and media metadata in stunning formats. You can access the Kodi libraries from the default menu and browse through the categories to choose your preferred options from Movies, TV Series, Music, etc. for your Library.

There are two types of library primarily on Kodi as Music and Video. You need to then search for the best add-ons in order to get the content for each category. Further, we will discuss a few good Kodi addons to consider.

Kodi addons

  1. Exodus Redux

Released in October 2018, Exodus Redux is one of the most popular Kodi addons. Adding to its predecessor Exodus, Redux features highly effective Lambda scrapers. Redux is very fast and offers top of the line streaming

  1. 13Clowns

13 Clowns is another promising Kodi addon, which has a large library of shows, movies, documentaries, YouTube videos, etc. Apart from regular shows and movies, you can also stream a wide range of Boxsets too with 13 Clowns.

  1. Yoda

This addon is there for quite some time now, even while many of the other add-ons discontinued service. IT may not be the best addon for TV shows and movies, but it is popular as a standalone for many other reasons. Yoda is capable of fetching a lot of streams.

  1. MC 1080P

This Kodi addon serves the users with a very impressive library. It’s, however, a movie-only addon, which features a huge number of titles including the oldest available. You may find titles even from the 1930s in the library. Simple design and fast streaming make MC 1080P the favorite of many.

Using free VPNs

Next, let’s discuss a few good VPNs.

  1. ExpressVPN

It is super-fast, 100% anonymous, and fully secured.  It offers multi-device support and 24×7 customer support. After the free trial, you can get three months free with 12 months subscription.

  1. Hotspot Shield

It’s a private free VPN, which has unlimited bandwidth and fully secured access. You can make use of its 7 days free trial on downloading. There is unrestricted Netflix access with it by connecting to 2500 servers from 26 locations.

  1. Cyber Ghost

You can use this VPN to surf the net at a blazing speed. Offering 100% security, it acts as a free and anonymous proxy for unrestricted Netflix access too.

  1. NordVPN

There is no restriction in enjoying online access with complete privacy on using NordVPN, which offers a risk-free trial too. Connecting to more than 2500 servers at 56 locations, it offers unrestricted Netflix access.

VPNs will enable anonymous access for Kodi users, which helps you to browse through the net without any geographical restrictions or access blockage.