Darius Jasinski Speaks 7 Unknown Facts about Prediabetes

Darius Jasinski in the United States, over 34.2 million people are affected by diabetes or prediabetes. When people have someone from their family with diabetes, they tend to believe that they know everything about diabetes care.

In reality, not many people have proper knowledge and also information about this disease. In this article, we will discuss some unknown facts about diabetes. You may find these facts beneficial for your health.

You Need Good Intestinal Bacteria

The University of Illinois Medical Center suggests that if you have good intestinal bacteria linked with metabolic health, it will help you to control blood sugar. You need to properly balance microbiota in your gut; otherwise, you can face severe inflammation. Scientists now identified healthy/unhealthy types of gut bugs. Shortly, these gut bugs may be used to predict your risk of diabetes.

Do Not Be a Night Owl

A common risk factor for prediabetes or diabetes is the continuous interruption of the sleep schedule. If you stay awake very late, it will consequently boost your risk of diabetes, says Darius Jasinski.

Korean researchers found that the women, who stay up late, are far more vulnerable to developing metabolic syndrome. However, the woman who sleeps early and wakes up early doesn’t develop these issues even when both of them are getting 8 hours of sleep. Night owls tend to smoke more and exercise less, which massively impacts their health and body.

O Negative Blood Type Might Save You

A study revealed that people with blood groups A and B have a 10% and 21% chance respectively to develop type 2 diabetes. However, people with blood group O Negative tend to stay on the safer side compared to other blood groups. But, O Negative is the rarest blood group.

This particular blood type functions as a genetic factor that helps you balancing your gut microbes.

Prediabetes is Reversible

Both type 2 diabetes and prediabetes functions as a progressive disorder. When the beta-cells that produce insulin are lost, it works as the driving factor of the disease. If you have longer resistance against insulin, you will lose more beta cells. So, it’s best to start reversing the course of prediabetes from today.

Prediabetes Has Very Fewer Symptoms

Do you know why 70% of Americans are unaware of their prediabetes? Typically, it’s better to test for diabetes and prediabetes around age 45. You can also ask your doctor to proceed with a simple blood test. Those can also identify if you have any diabetes or prediabetes in your body. If you experience abnormal cholesterol levels or high blood pressure, it’s suggested to get tested earlier.

Make Sure You Have High Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D not only helps your body to maintain bone and muscle strength, a strong immunity system, and also calcium absorption but also helps to boost your glucose metabolism. In a recent study, it’s been proved that a lack of vitamin D in your body increases the risk for prediabetes. However, consuming vitamin D supplements does not help you to reverse your prediabetes.


These are the 6 less-known facts about prediabetes. However, if you develop this disease, you should not worry too much about the outcome as prediabetes rarely shows any symptoms. If you start taking care of your health, you can reverse prediabetes without any problem. Remember the facts about this disease to gain control over it.