Decorate your home in style: A quick guide to accessorizing.

The first thing to do before you accessorize your home is to look around and see how the style of your house tends to lean. If you know that, for example, you have a very traditional style then there is no point in going out and buying a modern lamp or an abstract painting because it will not match anything else in your house. Perhaps a room needs more books on display? Or maybe some pot plants would brighten up the rooms a bit without creating clutter indoors? Maybe some framed photographs of friends and family could be hung on their walls?

It really does depend on how much money you want to spend, what space you have available and most importantly – what it is like inside your own home.

  • Accessories such as small potted plants, pottery and photo frames don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Sometimes looking for cheap accessories can sometimes turn up some great items without spending too much money. Another thing to consider is that there are many things you probably already own which could be displayed rather than hidden away in boxes. If you are really strapped for cash then it might be time to head out into your very own garden, with a pair of large secateurs or shears and collect some flowers, twigs or even dead leaves! It is surprising what nature has at hand when it comes to homely decorations – not everything needs to cost lots of money either.
  • As well as using natural objects inside the house you can always look towards unusual pieces of furniture. One idea for example is to use an old pine table as a coffee table, with a collection of vintage books displayed on top. This somehow seems to work well with the whole ‘shabby chic’ look which has become popular in recent years. You can also buy pieces of furniture which are unusual too. One example might be an office desk made out of metal piping – this style tends to work well with industrial styled interiors.
  • Trying your hand at DIY is another way you could accessorize your home without spending lots of cash. There are plenty of great ideas online that offer step by step instructions complete with photographs to help you along the way! One great idea might be to make some small wreaths and hang them up indoors using a nail and some wire. You could also try adding ribbon or even jewellery to the wreath, such as old fake pearls for example, to make it stand out from the rest. Wreaths can be hung on doors but can also be placed on any flat surface indoors including windowsills and mantelpieces. Who knows – you may even manage to create something that will win first prize at your local county show!
  • So there we have just a few ideas – good luck with accessorizing your home and remember. Give yourself time and take inspiration from things you already own wherever possible!


Q: How much does it cost to accessorize a room?

A: Accessorizing can be done cheaply or expensively depending on your budget and the type of items you are using. Accessories such as pot plants, pictures and vases can all be bought relatively cheaply. In auction houses or at car boot sales. If you want to splurge out then there are plenty of high street shops which sell accessories too. However for this it is best to plan ahead. Make sure that any objects you buy match the style of existing furniture pieces in your home.

Q: What materials should I use if I am making my own accessories?

A: There are many different types of materials that can be used. When creating homemade accessories ranging from beads to twigs. Try using anything you have lying around the house which might be suitable. Including old pieces of jewellery or any small, colorful objects that can be glued together.

Q: How many accessories should I put in each room?

A: There are no rules to say how many accessories you should place in each room; however there shouldn’t be too few items or it will look bare. Nor should there be too many (or it will look cluttered). It is best to use your instincts. Think about how much money you want to spend when creating homely decorations.


If you have your own tips and tricks for accessorizing a room. Then do let us know in the comments section below. You can also read our article ‘ How to Accessorize Your Home Safely on a Budget’.