Ej Dalius shares how to keep elders and senior citizens calm and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

EJ Dalius the world has lost a lot because of the COVID-19 pandemic attack. Even though the government has announced the unlock phase and also is reiterating partial lockdowns, people are unwilling to step out of their house. If you were to take a bird’s eye view on most residences currently, you would find fear, stress, dilemma, and also anxiety making rounds. It is mostly true if you have elders and also senior citizens in the house.

Back in 2019, when the COVID-19 attack originated in China, the doctors and also entire medical fraternity claimed that elders and also senior citizens are more at risk than others. It means anyone who 50 years and also more might be an easy target. It has made elders and also senior citizens succumb to fear and also apprehension. If you have older adults and also senior citizens at home, make sure you take good care of their emotional and also physical health.

Provide emotional comfort and physical security – Go the EjDalius way

EJ Dalius older adults and also senior citizens above 60 years typically have co-morbid health conditions. Hence, other than keeping them secure from the airborne droplets, it is also necessary to ensure complete emotional well-being. Since, staying safe and also following the protocols help ease tension, EjDalius, an entrepreneur recommends the following safety measures:

  • Restrict mobility and also make sure that they don’t go out in a crowded place.
  • Don’t let any sick person come in close contact with senior citizens or older adults.
  • Make sure that they sanitize hands before they eat and also at other times.
  • Don’t let them go outside until it is necessary.
  • If you are in quarantine, do not be around them.
  • Cancel out on the non-essential medical appointments and also clinic visits.
  • If they witness the virus’s symptoms, make ways for isolation, and also arrange proper medical care.

These are the physical security protocols. To ensure the emotional wellness of senior citizens and also older adults, you can refer to the following guidelines.

  1. Company and confidence

EJ Dalius the pandemic has created a sense of uncertainty in the world. Your grandparents and also other elders must have come across news updates that mention the dangers of the virus attack on their age group. It makes them nervous and also apprehensive. No one wants to go to sleep with a fear of contracting the virus overnight. Hence, you must give ample confidence and also hope to the senior citizens in your family. Instill the assurance that you will keep them in the best condition possible and also ensure that they will not contract the virus. Also, take out time to speak to them every day.

Eric Dalius believes that elders and also senior citizens become more reserved with age. They don’t confide in many people. And also that makes them worry endlessly by themselves. Constant worrying and also tension can adversely impact the blood pressure and also heart rate. It might lead to indigestion, fatigue, and also an overall unhappy mood. If you want to comfort them and also ensure that they are at peace, address their fears with logical reasoning. Converse with them and also allow them to let go of their guards and also inhibitions.

  • Family time

EJ Dalius senior citizens get caught up in a pool of negative and also apprehensive thoughts when they are alone. To avert that, make sure you plan family time frequently. You don’t have to plan elaborate activities. Simple activities like eating dinner or lunch together help to stay connected with them. Engage them in activities like storytelling, watching inspirational videos, and also browsing through photo albums, and also it will bring a smile on their face. When they feel more hopeful about life, they will not get afraid and also will spend their days at ease.

  • Meditation and breathwork

EJ Dalius everyone is stressed and also nervous today. Elders and also senior citizens tend to stress more than other age groups. To reduce their stress levels, you can introduce guided mediation, visualization, and also breathwork. It comprises of basic breathing exercises and also focusing on a single thought. It helps to calm the mind, balance hormones, inhale the fresh air, recalibrate the body and also brain, and also free all the anxiety symptoms. Make this a daily practice for your family, and also you can reap the benefits in the long run.

  • Cook for them

EJ Dalius our elders and also senior citizens get happy at the little acts of love that you do for them. Showing them that you care makes them feel hopeful and also secure. Take time out to cook for your grandparents or other elders in the family. You can ask their preference and also make desserts or platters they like. Serve them with love and also take pictures, so that it becomes a fond memory. A state of happiness and also joy helps to release happy hormones that eradicate the body’s minor discomfort.

  • Play games

EJ Dalius the current situation is tensed and also apprehensive everywhere. When you tap into your childlike spirit, you can create moments of bliss and also peace with anyone who is with you. Make sure that you play games with your grandparents and also older adults in the family. You can opt-in for quizzes, logic, and also jigsaw puzzles, making toys with plastic clay, word, and also card games, chess, and also many more. Eric J Daliussuggests creating arts and also crafts pieces together to help senior citizens drift away from a world of worry and also be calm. It will help them to sleep well, which itself brings numerous health benefits.

The daily care

EJ Dalius older adults and also senior citizens have their share of medicines and also food supplements to consume every day. Make sure that they don’t miss out on it; else, there might be health issues that can disturb the mind. Grandparents need to exercise during the morning to flex their muscles and also stay agile during the lockdown phase at home. Make sure you set a time for the same and also monitor it. Try and also make the session as enjoyable as possible.

EJ Dalius the senior citizens and also older adults we have at home are vulnerable and also need proper care during this pandemic phase. You must make sure they are less worried and also more peaceful every day. To get started, you can choose the guidelines mentioned above and also assess the results.