Funk – Fashion – Fedora – Add Another to Your Collection this Season

From baby boomers to millennials to Gen Z – all are a huge fans of fedora hats. Whether it is the classic wide-brimmed fedora head accessory or natural grass Panama style, women fedora hats never go out of fashion. You can style sober-looking shades like black, dark blue, brown, and tan that looks chic in felt. However, if you want to flaunt a bold style this summer, opt for a straw fedora that comes with embellishments of beads and feathers to match your style. 

Fashion and Fedora are synonyms – when you think of adding a head accessory to your wardrobe, you cannot miss Fedora hats. Women of all ages and styling preferences must have a Fedora in their collection. It is of the oldest and yet trendiest crown covers that are evolving every generation. Let’s discover a brief history to know more about the most fashionable head accessory – a cap that has been ruling the fashion world for more than three centuries.

A little history

Fedora hat dates back to the 17th century when hats were not just for covering the head but became a style statement. Felt and leather was the most common material that attracted both, men and women. These beautiful wide-brimmed headcovers were popular in black, brown, tan, grey, and burgundy. The history of this head accessory appears in 1882 as female headgear. The year marked a famous play, “Fedora” by French author Victorien Sardou. Sarah Bernhardt was a famous female actor of that era who played the character of Princess in the play script. The Princess’s name in the play was Fedora Romanoff, the protagonist. This character’s costume included several soft brimmed hats with ribbon around the indent. The play became popular, and more than that was the hat. It soon captured the hearts of women activists who styled this head accessory as signature wear.

Fedora travels the world and gains popularity

By the mid-1920s, the hat traveled Europe and became a fashion accessory in Britain. Prince Edward of Britain styled the Fedora hat in 1924, which replaced the men’s range of headgear from the bowler and flat caps to Fedora style. Many different variants and designs of Fedora came into the trend by mid of 20th century, amongst which Trilby (Fedora with narrow brim) became extremely popular. The 20th century was the mark of fashion and design, which reached beyond clothes – hats were not for protection purposes but became signature garments for the urban class.

Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Brittany Spears are among the popular trendsetter of Fedora hats in the fashion world. The famous writer Terry Pratchett also styled this exclusive headgear.

Top trending Fedora female hats

  • Wide brim fedora style: Any Fedora hat is unique because of its wide brim, and therefore, broad brim should be at least two inches and more. The entire floppy side complements any woman’s facial structure and becomes a style statement for many occasions. The whole idea of crafting an exclusive Fedora hat woman is offering total protection from harsh sun rays and a strong breeze. 
  • Short brim Fedora style: The smallest acceptable brim size for Fedora hats is one and a half inches. Ladies with smaller crowns and who wish to adorn a cap for fashion can opt for Trilby hats, one of the types of Fedora hats.
  • Panama Fedora style: Scorching summers that accompany harsh UV radiations call for the finest head accessories – Panama hats are the best for such occasions. Get your natural fabric Panama Fedora this summer to enjoy the holidays at the beach or during regular outdoor activities. 
  • Floppy Fedora style: One of the most versatile female head accessories is the hat; Fedora is one of the top preferences for many. How about trying the stunning floppy Fedora that gives a boho-chic look? Enjoy the relaxing weekends with a glass of cocktails, and a floppy Fedora on your crown is the perfect idea for holidays. 
  • Outback Fedora style: When you search for woven grass accessories, straw Fedora is the best choice. You can always style outback Fedora hats that come in personalized embellishments of beads, ribbons, feathers, and semi-precious stones. 

Styling Fedora with oomph!

Leave your hair open with curls and style a soft fabric Fedora for any formal and semi-formal event. You can team the hat with formal wear that comes with a two-piece suit and French tuck-in. Always match your hat, belt, and shoes to give the perfect fashion vibe.

If you are in relaxing mode, you can wear a floral dress (stripy or plain is also acceptable) with an extra-wide Fedora to enhance the facial features. You can also accessorize with funky jewelry like a long-beaded necklace or charm bracelets to keep it chic.

Tie your hair into a French braid and style a jumpsuit (check or plain) with minimal accessories. Complete the style with a soft fabric Fedora hat for casual evenings and relaxing outdoor events.