Gratitude and prayer can benefit your mental health during the pandemic phase – Insights by Brian C Jensen

Have you witnessed more bouts of sadness in recent times than you have ever been? If yes, you are not alone in this journey says, Brian C Jensen. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has cast a shadow of sadness and depression on the world. No one thought that a virus would result in an immense number of deaths and an economic downswing. Even when the vaccination drive is going strong across the globe, the virus is mutating. This prevalent uncertainty of the virus’s potency can often make people feel sad and depressed and impact our mental health adversely.

What does Brian C Jensen think about prayer and gratitude?

It is essential as a human race to thrive well amidst every crisis, says Brian C Jensen. Hence, we must live and feel better despite the pandemic. And for that, the practice of gratitude and prayer can help in many ways.

Prayer can clear the mind of fear

Currently, our minds are filled with fear and anxiety. We don’t know if we will fall prey to the virus anytime soon. And that is the reason why we need to incorporate the practice of praying into our lives. When you pray, you start to believe in the presence of a higher power and trust that it will protect you. That helps you to free your mind from all the fear and negative thoughts. You can pray for yourself and your loved ones as well. It fills your mind with the hope that you and your loved ones will stay secure. And this hope is a shift to a more positive feeling than fear or anxiety.

Gratitude makes you feel happy

Today, most people are trying to tap into the feeling of happiness. It’s because people are still getting infected by the virus and dying as well. Hence, while we must show compassion for the loss, we must also focus on positive thoughts. Gratitude can help you do so seamlessly and almost instantly. Brian C Jensen says that when you start to express your appreciation for the things you already have, you start to attract more. For instance, if your family is secure and you express your gratitude for the same, then your family will remain secure, and it will add to your happiness in such challenging times.

Gratitude and prayer encourage positive feelings

The challenge currently for everyone is to keep the mind free from negative emotions. One of the best ways to do that is by praying and practicing gratitude. When you pray to a higher force and have the faith that it will protect you, it automatically frees your mind of all your worries. Similarly, when you count on all the good things you are witnessing, you create a web of good feelings and thoughts that give positive energy. Hence, you can detach from your immediate surroundings and develop a positive feeling, which boosts your mental health.

When times are critical, it becomes essential to count on things that will keep us strong. If you want to maintain stable mental health during this challenging phase, you can follow the guidelines mentioned above.