Homemaker’s guide to relevant plumbing tactics

Having adequate knowledge about plumbing may seem a problem for you, yet you will be aware of various aspects of plumbing with some guidance and also study. Everyone should know the basics of plumbing so that you can fix-up minor issues at home on your own. Although these techniques might not make you a great plumber, at least you must acquire basic knowledge to fix the occasional plumbing issues in your daily life.

Household plumbing has a new trend these days. Surviving a drainage problem or reduction in the flow of water can pose a crisis. It is reasonable for homeowners to be aware of the various parts of a plumbing system. 

Awareness about the supply and disposal of water

Every house has a water supply system and a disposal system for the main building. Keep the knowledge of the fixtures and pipes leading to toilets, sink, and shower.

Handling the toilet flush

Toilet flush

The toilet flush allows the water to wash out the waste from the toilet bowl. If you find your toilet pot clogging, a plunger may be able to help. If that does not solve the issue, you may use a drain snake to clear out the blockage. Make sure to clear up the mineral build-up, which is the main reason for lazy flushing.

Installing a water filter

Water filter

With the latest news of the spreading diseases, every household needs to install a water filter. With knowledge about basic plumbing, you can install a filter by yourself. An ideal filtering system removes the contaminants from water, thus providing you a supply of clean water. Knowing the skills will save you time and also money in moments of emergency.

Here are a few tips for waterworks at home that you need to know for learning DIY plumbing skills

Unclogging drains

Drainage pipes often clog with hair, dirt, and also other particles. Make sure to use a strainer for the drains as it prevents debris from accumulating and also stops the drainage from clogging. In case your drain chokes up, use a plunger to clear out the mess. The plunger will suck the particles and also dirt in the water. Another option to wash out the debris is to open the sink from the bottom. When you do this, keep a bucket underneath the sink so that it does not spoil your washroom.

Plumbing tools

Plumbing tools

Few sets of plumbing instruments are useful for DIY fixtures. Allen wrench is an essential instrument to tighten nuts and also bolts. Hex keys are available in various sizes and also shapes to fulfill your needs. Allen keys are helpful for other fixings besides plumbing.

Water valve issues

Whenever you see a water leakage, make sure to turn off the main switch, thereby stopping the water flow into the pipeline. The same thing applies to gas leakage. The turning of the valve will repair this problem. If the pipes are damaged, you must change the entire pipeline. If you know simple skills, you will be able to do it yourself. In case you cannot handle it, you can hire a professional for the job.

Fixing the Pipeline


Another problem faced by homeowners is the different noises that come from the pipes. You may sometimes hear a banging sound from the water channels caused by issues with water pressure. When the air gets trapped in the lines, the water pressure reduces. 

You can mend this problem by putting off the water supply and also opening the highest and also the lowest faucet to allow all the water to drain out.

Managing the septic tank

The septic tank is a tank that operates to dismantle the sewage. It helps the waste material to separate into three layers. For the septic tank’s effective functioning, you must pump out all the waste and also empty the tank at least once every five years. If you fail to do so, the tank can have sediment settling on it, damaging the septic system. If you want your septic tank in good working condition, make sure to clean it up. Little efforts on your part can save you from major repair work caused by the damage.

Bathtub drainage

Bathtub drainage

Your bathtub is an accumulator of dirt, tangled hair particles, and soap scum. 

Cleaning up your tub once a month will allow easy flow of drain. Pour vinegar and also a small amount of baking soda into the drain every month and cover the area with some cloth. The above remedy causes a chemical reaction within the pipeline, this cleaning it from any blockage. After a few hours, use boiling water to flush out this mixture. You will have clean pipes which are free from dirt and also scum.

Disposing of the garbage

While you may feel that disposing of garbage with your hands is the best remedy, you should never do it. Disposals in the plumbing area can be dreadful, as there are sharp blades located within them. Use cold water to flush off food particles down your kitchen sink. Do not allow the water to run while you keep items in the sink. The water flow can lead to the settling of the garbage causing further damage. It is advisable to keep the garbage disposal clean for smooth functioning. A trick for easy cleaning of the garbage disposal is to pour dish soap liquids and also squeeze a lemon in the drain. This strategy will also keep away stench and odor.

Mending dripping faucets

Dripping faucets

It is easy to fix a dripping kitchen faucet once you learn the tips. Use a pair of hex keys and also screwdrivers’ for the same. You must closely examine the faucet before you begin the fixing work. Shut off the main water valve, and also open the tap to relieve the pressure of water.​

Some important plumbing hacks

Plumbing issues may occur in various shapes and also sizes. They may range from inexpensive ones to complicated and also costly affairs that can cause tension for you. It includes a vast range of issues like a dripping faucet, sewer system backup, running toilet, pipe leak, and also many such problems. The problem needs to be attended at the initial stage to avoid any massive expenditure. Plumbing issues may cause a grave amount of damage to the property. Having proper knowledge about the problems can help you to minimize the damage and also the expenses incurred. You may take online platforms for information, as various online portals can guide the process smoothly.

In adverse cases, you may have to take the help of a professional who is an expert in the job. The tools required to fix a dripping faucet, clogged drain, slow draining sink, running toilet, and also are often not available in the household. In such a scenario, you must seek a professional for help. The infrastructure of the piping system is a complex one. The internal damages can only get rectified after the identification of the cause of the problem.

Some tricks to resolve plumbing issues effectively

Plumbing tricks

• Identify the location of the shutdown valve: when you decide to move into a new house, try to make a note of the site of the main shut off the drain and also valve. To conduct regular cleaning services, you may have to acquire information regarding the sewer line access point. Many apartments do not have their shut off valve. In such a scenario, you may have to arrange for one depending upon your needs and also requirements.

• Avoid puncturing the pipes: in case you are planning to make holes or any drills on the floors, walls, or even the ceiling, first, try to detect whether there is any drainage pipe behind that area. Any accidental puncture of tubes fixed inside the wall may cause damage to the property. For finding the location of lines behind the wall, you may use inexpensive equipment called a stud finder. Many professionals also make the use of an endoscopic camera that works as an x-ray machine. They can snack into the wall.

• Identify flushable material: never use your toilet as a trash bin. Anything other than toilet paper should not be flushed as it creates clogging. In many cases, flushable baby wipes can also block the system. You have to be very careful regarding what you wash inside the system.

• Avoid putting garbage inside the drain: the kitchen is a storehouse of perishable waste. It includes starchy food as potatoes and also rice, and also vegetable peelings. Draining these garbage materials inside the sink drain can create clogging of the pipes. Many times homemakers feel that the garbage will rot and also flash away quickly. However, it is not the case. The accumulation of debris regularly can cause severe damage to the drainage system. Many times the manufacturer’s manual can help you guide regarding the garbage disposal.

• Plunger: it is an excellent decision to invest in a high-quality plunger for cleaning clogs in the drain, sink, and also toilets. In the case of sink traps, you may use a plunger for pushing most of the water out of the sink before removing the web. It is a less messy process.

• The role of vacuum cleaner: in case of a clog that may result from a hard object like a home or toothbrush or even children’s toys, you may have to rely on a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. It is useful in sucking out the item with minimum effort. The difference between a vacuum cleaner and also a plunger is that the vacuum cleaner draws the trash out while the plunger pushes it deep inside the drain.

Dripping Casually

• Take leaks seriously: you must not take any dripping casually. The amount of water wasted daily as a result of a leaky faucet may amaze you. Fixing small leaks at the initial stage can protect you from any costly investment at a later stage.

• Ignore over-tightening the fittings: If you have taken the plumbing job on yourself, collect ample knowledge before starting the process, such as tightening the connections and also fittings correctly. It means that you should never overdo the tightening cycle as it may lead to a broken bolt. A proper tightening will do the job.

• Plumbers tape: Teflon tapes are therefore readily available in the market these days. They are widely used to seal pipe threads to prevent leakage around the fittings and also joints. Ideally, wrap the plumber’s tape around the pipe thread three times. The white color plumber tape is ideally suited for household plumbing purposes.

• Keep checking the leaks: after the plumbing project is over, try to check for leaks by passing water through the system. The opening and also closing of the valves and also the drains can help you understand any further leak. Many times professional plumbers can miss out on a small leak that may require revealing.

• Expert advice: you must opt for a professional plumber as they are better than a naive plumber. They have the necessary knowledge and also expertise to deal with the issues. They study the different aspects of the plumbing system and also have experience in the field.

For dealing with fundamental plumbing issues, try to acquire the right kind and also amount of knowledge about the area. It can help you to deal with them without having to call the professionals. However, in adverse situations, you may require an expert to deal with the issue. The various equipment that they have can help to conduct the task very quickly.

Your job as a homeowner is to gather information about the plumbing issues so that you are not misguided. You may have to do a good deal of research before deciding on professional help to compare the available options in the market for choosing the right person for the job. Visit their websites and also online portals for information regarding their performance and also service.


Plumbing work might seem a tough task. However, a little research and also study can help you to learn the basics of plumbing. Learn to do your plumbing with the tips mentioned above. So, the next time you face a challenge in your home, you can easily take care of it.