How to Become a Billboard on Your Own Street

Here are 5 steps to become a Billboard on Your Own Street:

Step 1: Fill out the forms sent to you via your talent representative.

These forms will consist of documents that need to be attached with your email in order for it to be sent back, including an emergency contact form and a publicity photo. Both of these forms are easy to complete with step by step instructions on what is needed in each section. Here are the 5 steps to become a Billboard on Your Own Street:

Step 2: After all documents have been filled out and sent back

Your talent representative will create an online press kit, which can be found on their own website under the “online press kit” tab or within i-Dconnect under the “talent toolbox”. The media kit will consist of many pages including a profile page, where you can write about yourself; a resume page, which has step by step instructions on how to fill out your resume; and a press page. Here you can find samples of questions that reporters or other media may ask so you can be prepared for any interview. Click here to view an example of the online press kit.

Step 3: Hard copies of your talent profile sheet, headshot/resume package, and publicity photo will be sent over with the release form signed at the bottom.

These items are especially important during your first year as they are what most casting directors look through when filling roles. Hard copies back up your online presence because it shows that you are serious about acting. You don’t have to always carry around all three items, but keep them in folders for easy access.

Step 4: Keep in contact with your talent representative.

This step is important for a lot of reasons. One being that you has a direct line to your agent whenever you have questions or concerns, and two being that some major work opportunities may arise unexpectedly which would require setting up an appointment immediately. These appointments usually happen during lunch breaks while filming on set so you need to be reachable at all times. It’s also an opportunity to spend time with other actors represented by the same agency which can be beneficial when it comes to future projects.

Step 5: Relax!

This step may seem hard but the more you step outside your comfort zone, the more comfortable you will get! You’ve put in the work now let go and take chances because that is what this step is all about.

Now that you know how to become a billboard on your own street, get out there and break the monotony!


Q: I don’t know who my talent representative is, how do I find them?

A: You can find your talent representative by calling the agency you are interested in signing with. The number will be located on the agency’s official website or within i-Dconnect under “talent search”. Once you have called, ask to speak to an agent about their submissions process. If asked why you would like to submit that information, tell them that you are interested in becoming a billboard on your own street!

Q: My talent representative keeps bugging me about headshots/resume packages/online press kits but I’m not interested in acting anymore.

A: Don’t worry it happens all the time! Sometimes agents get so busy that they forget to step back and realize that you may not want to be an actor anymore. Just tell them that you don’t feel like it’s something you want right now and if they ask what could be done differently just say “perhaps we could re-evaluate in the future” and thank them for trying. They will step back and should give you space.


Follow step by step instructions and you will be a billboard on your own street in no time! Your talent representative is your direct line to the next big opportunity. Remember, step out of your comfort zone. And take chances once in a while because that is what this step is all about! Lastly, keep in mind that some major opportunities may arise unexpectedly so always be reachable.

As an actor it is important to step outside your comfort zone in order to find roles. That are interesting and will help you grow. When you feel like you’re no longer interested in acting, step back and realize. That this career takes time, dedication, patience, and most of all persistence. That’s why when opportunities arise take them because it may be the next step on your road to becoming a billboard on your own street!