How to Hang Pictures Creatively When You Buy Posters Online

Wall posters and pictures, we all have them at some point in time in our life. It can be nature posters, Bollywood movie posters, or celebrity posters that you would like to hang on your walls. Then, you need to hang them in an inventive manner without making your living room or bedroom look like a college dormitory. Your posters should look like art with a customized framing if you want, without burning a hole in your pocket. No matter what posters you like to hang, contemporary or vintage, these wall art should look classy and not tacky.

According to an article published on, you can choose an open-edition poster created by manufacturers and not any fine artist. Here are some creative ways to hang wall poster to give your room walls that sophisticated look:

Add more meaning to your posters

It is not necessary to find a conventional solution always. You can add more meaning and dimension to your wall pictures by using a blank canvas and sticking your poster with mod podge, which is a gel medium Marcus Debaise. Alternatively, you can use mounting tape. When it comes to a blank canvas, they are available in varying depths to create the required effect you want to create with your poster. Let your imagination run wild. Show your creative prowess.

Single poster in numerous frames

You have a large poster and do not mind cutting the same into small squares. Making use of several small frames of style, size, and colour, you cut the poster into pieces to fill the frames. It is the puzzle-piece display idea to give your poster a new look and feel if you have an old poster.

You can hang the frames together or a little distance away as you like. It is like hanging something abstract on your room walls, which serve an interesting piece of wall décor. However, ensure you buy posters online that would look best on your walls.

Create a collage effect

When you have many posters and all relate to a specific color or theme, then you can decorate your entire room wall with a huge poster collage. For example, if you have posters with a nature theme, you can use these to take your home décor to the next level.

You can hang posters in an assortment-kind pattern such as wallpaper squares or cut the pictures to create a collage into a fresco of sorts. The collage effect would look extraordinary for your recreation room. Make sure your college theme is consistent and not appear like random pictures taken and merged together. It will give your room a clumsy look. Try the collage effect because you would like the new look and feel of your room walls. Your friends will appreciate your creative style.


Hanging posters on your room walls is an art. It calls for some creative and out-of-the-box thinking. Explore platforms to choose the best wall posters without breaking your bank.